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Bonnie Says: Check Out Our Newborn — HollyBaby!

Tue, September 7, 2010 8:34pm EDT by 1 Comment

Hi there,

It’s HollyBaby’s birth day! All of us here at HollywoodLife are thrilled to announce the arrival of our first offspring — our new web mecca community verticals for moms, moms-to-be, dads and anyone out there who has baby lust. By that, I mean, anyone who’s thinking about having a baby, prepping for pregnancy or who just loves looking at photos and hearing about the lives of celebrity little ones.

You can come to HollyBaby daily or even multi-times a day to see photos and videos of celeb mamas, pops and their kiddies, plus get their very latest news, plus info on the newest issues affecting moms everywhere. Yes, we’ll alert you to crib recalls, concerns about baby formula safety AND we’ll be doling out all kinds of help-you advice and tips about both serious parenting issues plus babycare, and supercute style looks for  babies and kiddies.

What I really hope is that you’ll join in and give all of us here at HollyBaby your advice, solutions and tips for handling your major and minor kiddie crisis. And since I’m a mom-of-four myself, I’ll be sharing my experiences with you. Raising Noah, Sofia, Leilah and Sasha, with my saint of a husband Michael, has been as challenging as can be. Incredible, exhilarating, exhausting, unpredictable, hilarious, complicated and the best thing I ever could ever have done in the world. And it’s been an ongoing tug-of-war at all times between the yank of kids and counter-yank of career.

And as a family we’ve encountered challenges to-the-extreme — a sudden life threatening complication during the birth of our daughter Leilah, a just-in-time discovery of a brain tumor in our three year-old daughter Sofia, and then a terrifying diagnosis of leukemia in our daughter Leilah, just after she turned five. I still thank the Lord every day that thanks to modern medicine and the expertise of amazing doctors, both our daughters are fully recovered today. But, having gone through those experiences and still going through the daily dealings of getting kids to school, soccer and playdates, I can definitely relate to your own pregnancy, baby, toddler and kiddie challenges, and I’m happy to hear about them.

So take a stroll through HollyBaby, have fun, get info and share your thoughts, feedback, questions and advice! And if you want to tell me about it, email me at! Thanks!

— Bonnie