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Kourteney Kardashian Has Been 'Beaten Down Emotionally' By Baby Daddy Scott Disick!

Fri, September 3, 2010 7:55pm EDT by 2 Comments

A body language expert tells that Scott is making Kourtney unhappy – and she needs to get out of the relationship!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship is far from a fairytale. In fact, it’s kind of like a bad car accident – you can’t help but stop and stare. He looks permanently pissed off and miserable while she tries to front them as being a happy family. When we saw pictures of the two from Thursday night’s Taste of Beverly Hills event looking awkward and far from in love, we asked body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass what she thinks is really going on behind closed doors. Here’s what she told us!

“This is not true love, it is true hate!” Dr. Glass declares, adding of 27-year-old Scott, “The tension is in his face, he really doesn’t want to be there. He isn’t taking any energy to pose.” She says that Kourtney, 31, isn’t fooling anyone that she’s in a healthy relationship, either.  “She has a pseudo smile, her body is stiff, there is tension in both of their smiles. They are not like-minded and have a completely different agenda. They have no connection, they are so disconnected, so angry, so miserable.”

Uh oh! This doesn’t sound good for the reality couple’s longevity at ALL – and will also have an effect on their 8-month-old baby boy, Mason. Dr. Glass tells a strained relationship like Kourtney and Scott’s will ultimately affect their son in a negative way. “It’s a very sad picture, very sad,” she says. “They are parents of a baby that will have to experience this much tension is very sad, cause in the long run he’ll be very hurt. They should really seek counseling, these tense faces, looks of anger and his tight brow and jaw speak volumes.”

Our body language expert says this photo shows their real personalities – not just who they pretend to be for the TV cameras.  “I think this shot of Scott and Kourtney captures their attitudes perfectly. Whenever I see them being interviewed together, Kourtney’s giving her somewhat sincere, ‘We’re really a nice couple and love each other’ and ‘We’ll be fine’  smile.  Scott, on the other hand, usually is looking to see what other photo ops are around. However, in this picture, he’s giving his basic, ‘I’m really a cool tough guy’ look. He seems to be thinking, ‘I’m really hot stuff and hope I’m showing my best angle. It’s only natural that the whole world is fascinated by ME.’”

Let’s hope they get help or go their separate ways before it gets any worse!

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