Happy Birthday Charlie Sheen! You're 45 Today, September 3rd!

Fri, September 3, 2010 8:38am EST by 1 Comment
Gerry Images

Gerry Images

Charlie Sheen, America loves you in Two and Half Men and all your other projects too!

Charlie Sheen, we not only watch you on your highly-rated sitcom, but your personal life has also kept everyone wondering what’s next! Despite any struggle, you always manage to stay on top. Year 45 will continue to being prosperity! Astrology.com has all the details.

Happy birthday, Charlie Sheen! Your comic timing hasn’t skipped a beat, although laughing at yourself may be more difficult when your ‘criminal mischief’ is the punchline. True to the service-oriented ideals of your Sun sign in Virgo, combating AIDS through generous financial donations and appearances has proved to be one of the glossier constants in your off-camera life. Disruptive Uranus opposite lover Venus continues to open Pandora’s boxes in your romantic life. Your mind is ripe for revolution, and your planetary lineup suggests that picking your battles wisely could hold potent consequences.

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I like you

Posted at 4:21 PM on September 3, 2010  

Happy Birthday Charlie Sheen
Beloved spirit how much you are like all the birds of prey that fly west every year, a fungus only watches from below, and you soar through pages of nest in other people words of desire, curiosity and curses, how worst and best for a man, more beautiful, you are to fans and are not too, sad obsessed angry people,, like rocks of rages or balls of flowers aimed straight for your head, and I can’t catch you, and I miss you, I see you and can’t be you and I kiss you and won’t meet know you, and pretend I saved you and can’t free you, because everything is only in my mind, a sick sad place tossing, and I’m butter balling, in margarine, please eat me because I wanted to be your taste, and I could care less, if I’m thrown, chewed up and spit out, and replaced, and I shout, I shout inside because it’s only keys played out to stages in pastes, spelling corrections and short frames,, if all else, I could not be great or weary words thumbed out of time, that make spaces in numbed knots, tears and thoughts, and dearly to mind, I won’t net you or try to take you because I’ve got nowhere else to go, nothing lest least to say or give or to show, and you’re a ball, you’re a ball, you’re a ball!,, of pages in scripts stage stills funny stories about men and girls, romance is satire comedy, humored heroes and the common place, the things of what I thought of what life could be like and could not be erased, that’s what I think and I am phased because I adore, dream faster , go after what stages to hold my mind’s eye, left next, and that is the epiphany because now I wanted to bring out more instead of only, I like you, and today I feel dead, that’s what is said, to be a sonnet to you born Carlos and I say your work name in passages of things and wonders before,, it’s left with I like you, and that’s it, and I like you and I’m not instructed well, your craft is art called great with very pretty eyes, still is that, what then again, I’m outnumbered ill, in a very long line of admires, says something more, about a man and character over a prime youth age, it’s a little more to do, and much more to do, to make actions and words look good over rhymes or say I cared ” I cared, and you dared” “had questions and wanted answers” to the tops of the rings, to be aware and that means something, when people see it and make history, yes, always speak, speak heart, rough or soft and like wine, well in cheer on free legs without fear, flutter forth with many more beautiful things, that would not be mine, I have only to dream, got no wings, because I liked everything, every year, pictures still of pieces and colors in shots because I’ve got dirt under my toes from old shoes, and suddenly that can all be turned to bright like quick silver on set, it’s a show, glow turned to gold, and gold flakes before my mind’s eye again, I’m covered in chocolate with candy sprinkles, on ice-cream and whipped delight, it’s heaven because I wished, I was your flavor and yes when I think another sonnet that’s says your forever, I liked you a lot Mister Charlie Sheen and I still melt with love! And that’s what I felt, Happy birthday, ENJOY Your Self!

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