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LAURA SAYS: 'Going The Distance' Is One Of The Best Romantic Comedies I've Seen In Years!

Fri, September 3, 2010 10:45am EDT by Add first Comment
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The chemistry between real-life couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long sizzles on the big screen in this hilarious – yet touching – flick!

Let me play it straight with you. After watching how Jennifer Aniston bombed at the box office with The Switch, I was prepared to loathe Going the Distance and ready to write it off as just another tired chick flick. But Jenny A. may want to sit up straight and pay attention here, because THIS is how a romantic comedy should be done. I loved, loved, LOVED this movie!

I’ll be honest – Drew Barrymore films usually bug me. When her character, Erin, is introduced working at a major newspaper (my old place of employ, the New York Daily News stood in for the fictional New York Sentinel) I thought: this is Drew in Never Been Kissed all over again. Luckily, I was wrong. Nope, Erin is a 31-year-old INTERN who, after getting berated by her boss, tells a newspaper pal, “I’m 31 and intern. I’m going to get wasted.” LOL indeed.

Cue Justin Long as Garrett, a guy who’s also down on his luck after getting dumped by his girlfriend (Leighton Meester cameos as the anti-Blair Waldorf here) after not only forgetting to buy  her a birthday gift, but offering her Chinese takeout and a roll in the hay in compensation. Basically, he’s a total turd.

Depressed, Garrett joins his wacky pals Dan (Charlie Day) and Box (Jason Sudeikis) for some sympathy drinks at their local Manhattan bar, boy meets girl, boy realizes what it means to fall in love with girl, boy loses girl and….BOOM. I won’t give away the ending.

Sounds pretty formulaic, right? That’s hardly a diss in my book — this is one formula that WORKS – and here’s why:

  • Who doesn’t love a good art-imitating-life story? The chemistry between Drew and Justin is palpable. Knowing they’re actually involved and in love in real life made me want to root for them; I was emotionally invested.
  • You’ll laugh AND cry. OK, so maybe you’ll only actually tear up — but the endless one-liners easily segue into real emotion. Going the Distance is as touching as it is hilarious.
  • Four words: Jason Sudeikis & Christina Applegate. These two seriously bring the funny – and, dare I say it? – Jason nearly steals the whole damn show! He’s a dude who blatantly wants to bag older women, hence the reason for growing a Magnum P.I.-esque handlebar mustache. “This isn’t a mustache,” he says, “this is a time machine.”  And just WAIT until you hear about his “f**ket list”…
  • Justin Long. Apparently we’re living in an era where the romantic lead can be the dorky MAC guy – and I couldn’t be happier! Forget hunks like Brad Pitt and Chris Pine, I want more of the lovably awkward JL – who is a real (and flawed) love interest. He was the best part of the god-awful ensemble comedy He’s Just Not That Into You and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.
  • This is NOT just a chick flick. Seriously, girls, you can take your BFs to see this movie – and they won’t be bored! There’s definitely a fair amount of guy talk — and a lot of it takes place in bars…or on the toilet.

Not ALL moments in this film are epic — I definitely could have lived without the naked tanning scene (you’ll see what I mean when you see the film) but overall, I loved it. In fact, I’m still smiling a day later! There’s romance, laughs and, best of all, HOPE that we, too, can make love work – even if we have to go the distance to do so.

Going the Distance hits movie theaters nationwide today, Sept. 3.


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