Who Watched 'Teen Mom' Last Night? Catelynn's Mom Is A MONSTER! You Tell Me: Which Teen Mom's Life Is Hardest?

Wed, September 1, 2010 10:07am EST by 19 Comments

All the girls on the show have it tough, but Catelynn’s mom actually works against her!

Who else felt awful for Catelynn during the Aug. 31 episode of Teen Mom? Her up-and-down relationship with boyfriend Tyler has been hard enough for her to deal with, but her mom giving her grief for putting their baby up for adoption adds another layer of unnecessary stress. In my opinion, Catelynn did the right thing putting her baby up for adoption and giving it a better life than it would have had with her and Tyler. Now that Catelynn’s step-dad Butch is heading back to court-ordered rehab, her mom is angrier than ever and she needs to cool it!

Catelynn’s fellow teen moms also had their share of troubles in the latest episode:

Maci made the very difficult decision of moving to Nashville with Bentley to be closer to her new boyfriend Kyle. “In order for us to move forward, we’d have to see what it’s like to live in the same city,” Maci said of her relationship with Kyle on the Teen Mom after-show. And while I’m happy to see Maci in a good relationship, I have to wonder if she’s making too many changes too quickly. Bentley is still really young, so pulling him away from dad Ryan and introducing him to Kyle might just confuse him.

Things aren’t much easier for Amber. She desperately wants to get her GED, but it isn’t easy balancing life as a student AND as a teen mom. And with little to no support from her lazy man, she’s pretty much on her own.

Then there’s Farrah. What can I say about poor Farrah? She’s now totally financially independent… and not doing great. After being scammed out of thousands of dollars, she’s finally starting to understand what it means to be on a budget. She also has to deal with ants in her apartment, which she describes this as “the real life of being a single mom.”

Based on the Aug. 31 episode, I’m giving Catelynn my official “Sad Mom of the Week” award. Let’s hope things turn around for her next week!

— Andy Swift

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Posted at 11:50 AM on January 10, 2011  

I believe Catelynn’s mother needs some help GO TO REHAB!! GET OFF THE DRUGS. I was very shocked at the way she talked to Catelynn on several episodes (prom dress episode) Very disturbing. I watched that episode with my daughter and we couldn’t believe our ears. I wish these young ladies nothing but the best but not only are these ladies single moms, they now have to deal with being a 15 minute celebrity. How much more attention does this problem need? (I guess I’m not helping matters by commenting) Catelynn please don’t revert to drugs. I honestly feel your attitude and heart are good, please make better choices. All the young ladies need to make better decisions.

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Posted at 9:00 AM on October 6, 2010  

First of all, I cannot stand Amber. She is such a bad person alltogether. She is very abusive and doesn’t pay attention to her daughter like a loving mother would. She is very lazy and her place is always filthy. With all the mess and violence this poor child is being exposed to, I wonder why child protective services hasn’t stepped in. Now in addition to that, she is dating a convict that is as corny as hell. I hope she doesn’t allow him to be near her daughter. There are too many sad stories out there about babies getting beaten beyond recognition by the new boyfriend. Gary was lazy and unsupportive, but it seems that he is becoming more responsible and is the only one that gives their daughter attention. His priority seems to have shifted to the right place.

Farrah was an annoying, self-centered and irresponsible ingrate at the beginning. Her mother was only trying to help her. Her mother may seem a little annoying at times, but she had to step in when she saw her grand-daughter not being taken care of properly. In the more recent episodes, Farrah seems to be maturing and being a better mother. Good for her.

Maci is a very good mother. Most of the time, she makes the right decisions. She seems to be very mature by taking the initiative to have a good relationship with her baby’s father, despite what an ass he’s being at the time. She should have never moved away though. It was selfish to move her son away from his family. Now she is all alone because her boyfriend broke it off with her. That’s what tends to happen when you move on in a relationship too quickly. She should have taken her time because she has to think about how it will affect Bentley. All single mothers out there should take their time in introducing their children to the new man in their life. It gets confusing for them to form a bond with a person to just have them be gone the next week. You shouldn’t trust just anyone around your children either. I hope she smartens up!

As for Catelynn, I don’t have much sympathy for her. Her world seems to revolve around her boyfriend and any decision she makes seems to be what she thinks is best for their relationship, including giving Carly away. Her boyfriend seems to be more affected by it than she is. She is only worried about how people hurt her feelings, including her mother. Boo-hoo, that’s life. Don’t get me wrong, her mother is not a good mother at all, but Catelynn gave her own daughter up. She gave up before she even tried. All the talk about her mother not being there for her, how does she think Carly will feel when she grows up? Knowing her parents worked harder at keeping their relationship together rather than working hard to raise her better. She didn’t give Carly a better life, she passed her responsibility on to someone else. All the other mothers in this show have had to struggle, but have made it through, with their child by their side. Instead, she hasn’t accomplished anything since giving her daughter up for adoption. She doesn’t have a job, she got bad grades and wasn’t able to graduate in time. All she does is lay around. Get up and do something with your life already!

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Posted at 9:25 PM on October 12, 2010  

Melissa, I was adopted at the age of 6 mos. both of my birth parents were 17. My birth mother did the right thing. I am proud of the hard decision she made. I cannot imagine Catellyn letting a baby around her psycho mom who treats her miserably and that Butch guy. Catelynn is brave as is Tyler. SHe GAVE A COUPLE WHO COULD NOT HAVE KIDS A CHANCE…they could give the baby all – Catelynn knows she could not …. if you have ever been pregnant and given a child up for adoption with NO SUPPORT from your family I bet you would be a bit depressed…she lives in poverty for the most part with a rotten mother. Shame on you for your judgement

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Posted at 11:40 PM on February 14, 2012  

Seriously, shut up. Do you even know what you’re talking about? Have you ever been in a situation where you had to give up your own child? Or have you ever been a single mother? Do us all a favor and shut it.

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Posted at 12:57 PM on September 29, 2010  

I hate Catelynn’s mom. She and Butch chainsmoke so much that it makes me sick to think about any baby being locked in a house with those two. She chainsmokes with her own daughter right next to her, and who is the skinny little blonde kid I saw on the show once? I just loved the way he was making out with the door, thanks to watching “mom and dads” love fest in the kitchen. Oh, and the best episode? Where she calls Catelynn a bitch for not liking her opinion on prom dresses. BTW, Catelynn, the red dress WAS the best!! Good for you, Dear, for showing such restraint with your abusive, crack-head looking, evil, angry wretch of a mother. She ought to have her false teeth punched down her neck for calling her own daughter those filthy names. Grow up, ya skinny old crow!

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Posted at 9:38 PM on October 13, 2011  

LUV IT!! Took the words right out of my mouth!! Her mother is pure evil!!! Absolute disgrace to mothers!! Disgusting behavior!

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Tia Marie

Posted at 6:07 PM on September 20, 2010  

I hate Catelynns mom, she probably drinks everynight, does coke, doesn’t get enough sleep and has a poor diet..bc she is so nasty to Catelynn and she needs to wake up and realize that Carly wouldn’t have had much growing up in a home with her!

I am happy that Maci found someone that treats her and little adorable Bentley good! She is my fav.

Amber and Gary both need to worry less about their stupid selves and drama and take two seconds to stop fighting and spend time with Leah and think about how their craziness affects her.

I don’t really know what to say about Farrah except that she is impulsive, naïve, and somewhat self centered. You don’t walk away from your baby on the bed so she can fall off and get hurt, and set yourself up to get scammed on craigslist!

Catelynn has it the hardest by far, and its a shame bc I feel she wouldve made a better mom than most on that show!!!

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Posted at 8:30 PM on September 17, 2010  

just a thought what kind of drugs is catelynn’s mom on she is going through withddrawls now that butch is in rehab

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Posted at 1:29 AM on September 8, 2010  

Oh my gosh! I watched this show tonight in total horror. Catelynn’s mother is the poorest excuse for a human being I have ever seen. Is it just me or is it obvious that she needed to check into the rehab facility with Butch? Supposedly all of this animosity comes from Catelynn’s decision to give Carly up for adoption. Another infant/child in that household? The thought is downright frightening and sick. I feel so bad for the half siblings Catelynn has (how many of them are there?!?!?!), and shudder to think of the life that poor little girl would have been condemned to.

That being said, it’s also time for ALL of them to move on! Every single episode is “we think Carly would want this” or “we have to do this so Carly can be happy.” First of all, Carly has been adopted into from all accounts a happy, healthy and NORMAL loving family. Secondly? Carly is a one year old infant! If I were the family that adopted that little girl and I was watching this train wreck of a family (has anyone else noticed the new and controlling ways that Tyler seems to be adopting?), I would be on the line with my attorney so fast to close that adoption and seal all the records, I think heads would be spinning.

Maci is a good mother all the way around. I also like how although her parents seem to be very supportive, they make sure that the bulk of the care of Bentley falls to Maci, as it should. I get the impression that Ryan’s new girlfriend Kathryn thinks that if Ryan has more time with Bentley, she is going to be this awesome step-mother and they will be a happy family. I can only hope that she is using some kind of birth control as the last thing this world needs is another kid with Ryan as a father. The only thing Ryan most likely see’s in her is a potential baby sitter for when he wants to go out and party.

Farrah? At the beginning of the series, she was such a spoiled little brat. I honestly think her getting away from her mother was the best thing for her. With each episode, she grows more and more. People seem to delight in some of the stupid things she has done with Sophia, but it is nothing that other mothers have not done themselves; they were just not caught on national TV. If you really pay attention, you will see that as each episode goes on, she does interact with the child, speaking to her as an adult (get to that in a minute), doing fun bonding things with her and the at the end of the episode she is usually holding her on her lap showing her something. She says in the after-show that she is working two jobs, going to school and doing an internship. Compare how she cares for Sophia to Amber and Gary! She keeps little Sophia just so, and from the looks of it, she keeps an immaculate home, all while doing all that she is. The addition to her life of her friend Kristine is a good thing in that it seems like she is a bit older and wiser and listens to Farrah without being judgmental, and gives her advice and support.

While I understand the Prosecutor wanting Farrah to let Sophia have a relationship with her grandmother, the things she (Debra) says to Farrah are flat out unwarranted, and downright cruel. The comments about how Sophia does not get the attention that only her SHE can give her, or how she needs to be there with the grandmother so she can “get caught up.” Caught up to what? She appears to be doing fine and is right on track for a child her age. Also, how can you possibly take someone seriously who talks baby talk all the time and keeps saying “dwerrrr is my Baby Goo, blah, la, la, la. I think the amount of time in the sun during her community service must have gotten to her brain. And how about “we need top pwotty twain the little Baby Goo, blah, la, la, la. Sorry, but it is so hard to take someone like that seriously.

Amber and Gary? Please for the love of all that is holy, break up once and for all. Have all visitations for the little girl go through a mediator. Although I normally detest Amber and her whining, I felt bad for her tonight on her birthday with Gary purposely trying to ruin it.

The biggest thing that bothers me about them is they NEVER pay any attention to that child. Today when Gary was cooking breakfast, the child was standing on the highchair banging on the tray. I was waiting for her to launch forward and knock out teeth at any moment. Speaking of her teeth, has anyone else noticed that they give the little girl soda in her bottle? And, why have they not addressed her legs? She needs to be in corrective braces! She is going to look like an old bandied legged cowboy by the time she is three and weigh 200 lbs. by the time she is ten if they continue to feed her the steady diet of junk food and soda that they seem to always be giving her. By the way, since neither of them work, how do they get the money to go out to eat all the time?

All in all, this show should be mandatory viewing in high schools to show the very real outcome of teen pregnancy.

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Posted at 12:54 AM on September 4, 2010  

Catelynns mom is horrible. I feel so bad for her. U can tell that she’s a drug addict and and an acholic. Everytime I see her on teen mom she’s always smoking inside her house!
And what happened to her husband? (if she even had one) Catelynn needs to get away from that house if she wants a better life. All i can say is that she made a VERY good choice putting Carly up for adoption!

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Posted at 12:19 AM on September 2, 2010  

I watched the first season of this show but that was enough. Just didnt want to watch another one but Catelyn’s mom needs to back off. Yes, it was stupid for her daughter to get pregnant but she made an adult choice and did what was best for her child. Thats pretty mature from a teenager. Her mom should be proud she has such a brave daughter. She is the type that would rather see her daughter pay for her mistakes, even struggle and have the baby struggle just so she could learn a lesson. Her mom can barely take care of herself and she is harping on her teen daughter for not wanting her own child to suffer? I cant tell if that woman is just a drunk (she kinda looks like one to me but I could be wrong) or just someone with a giant chip on her shoulder regarding life and all that comes with it.

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Posted at 6:58 PM on September 1, 2010  

Catelyn’s mom is a mess. You can tell by her face and it being sunken in, she does drugs. However, Catelyn is a lazy girl. She does nothing but sit in her room. Obviously she is a very depressed girl and needs to get some help. She should buy herself a car, get a job and continue her education. She doesn’t have the limitations that the others do with taking care of a child. Her whole life is based around her BF, which is not healthy for either of them.

I agree…Amber needs to lose Gary. He doesn’t even have a job…lazy! Amber works and is finishing her education. Couldn’t believe his comment about having a woman with her act together. If you want that buddy, get your own together first!

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Posted at 12:08 PM on September 1, 2010  

I love Maci, I think 9 times out of 10 Bentley is her number 1, but I think moving to Nashville is for her and Kyle, and absolutely not in Bentley’s best interest. Amber needs to lose Gary, he holds her back. And maybe quit whining and complaining. She’s a great mom, but she’d be better off independent. Farrah is, well Farrah. I think she does well as a mom, but let’s face it, she’s clearly not the brightest crayon in the box (why would you leave your 1 year old unattended in the sink? Or out in the hallway why she’s in her apartment?) I think, despite what her mother did, she needs to swallow her pride and forgive her, she needs her parent’s support and I’m sure Farrah isn’t as innocent in the situation as she says she is. Catelynn is a very strong young woman, she made the right decision with Carly, she truly did want what was best for her daughter and that’s a very hard decision to go through with . I wish she wouldn’t depend on Tyler as much as she does though, I realize she loves him, but she’s so young, and whats meant to be will be in the end.

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Posted at 10:13 AM on September 4, 2010  

I think Farrah is actually very bright and much better off without her mother! Have you not seen how toxic her mother is? I believe her mother has major issues and I totally understand why Farrah has chosen to cut her out of her life! I admire her for doing this on her own. I also feel very sorry for her. She must be so lonely! As for the thing with the sink, come on! She walked away for a second and could clearly see her daughter! It’s not like she was in a whole other room and couldn’t see or hear her! Give the poor girl a break! She is trying her best!

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Posted at 11:57 AM on September 1, 2010  

this makes me want to stick pins in my eyes

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Posted at 12:54 PM on September 1, 2010  

do you mean you’d want to … “JAB” pins in your eyes? (teehee)

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Posted at 8:45 PM on September 15, 2010  

catalyn made a very good chocie givin her lil gurl a better home then what she could of.her mom is very mean to her.she needs to give catalyn sum support. Atleast she had the baby and gave it a better home then getting a abortion and killing her.

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Posted at 8:56 PM on September 15, 2010  

ryan should be lucky that maci is even lettin him c his son. i think she should move with her new bf kyle. kyle looks like agood guy that will take care of her n not cheat on her. maci needs to do what makes her n her baby happy.shes isnt tryin to keep her son away from ryan cuz if she was he wouldnt be seenin him at all. maci is right thats not a home for a lil boy to be at his dads for 3days then goin to his moms for 3days.i think ryan should get him every other weekend.

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Posted at 10:01 PM on September 26, 2010  

Amber is an abusive jerk and needs to get her anger under control. Gary needs to leave her, get sole custody of their daughter and get her on supervised visitation, using all that footage of her physically attacking him as evidence.
Catelyn needs to get out. Her “parents” are verbally abusive and can offer her nothing.
Farrah will figure it out. She needs to get away from her mother though. That woman is nuts.
Maci is a smart girl whose got her head on straight but she has to let go of that anger and let ryan spend time with his kid.

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