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EXCLUSIVE! 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' Reunion 'Host Andy Cohen Was Airborne When He Tried To Hold Teresa Back From Slugging Danielle!'

Tue, August 31, 2010 12:24pm EDT by 9 Comments

Danielle Staub barely put her behind down on the couch during last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion when three haters — Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline — went on the attack!

“It was like ding. ding, ding and they started on her,” an insider present at the taping tells exclusively. “She didn’t even get her tush down on the couch to make an indent before they were on top of Danielle.”

The insults flew fast and furious. “You’re garbage,” “I hate her,” “shut your mouth,” “you’re disgusting,” “you’re a f*****g b***h,” “you pig” and “you piece of s**t” were just a few of the choice words that Danielle was pelted with.

Interviewer Andy Cohen, Bravo Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development, was forced to jump from his chair and hold Teresa Giudice back when she lept off her sofa and went to slug Danielle.

Caroline Manzo and Andy had to calm the shrieking Teresa who circled the room and threw pillows around, while Danielle retreated to another room in tears. “She’s such an animal,” Danielle cried to her make-up artist. It was like a Jerry Springer episode.

“Andy was actually airborne, he was literally thrown by Teresa,” the insider at the taping tells us.

Between the shrieking and insults, Danielle calmly denied the accusation that she tried to have Dina Manzo‘s daughter taken away. “Danielle doesn’t even know Dina’s daughters’ last name,” the insider says. “How could she have filed a report about her?” The source actually claims that Dina forged a legal document to have her daughter on the show’s first season and that her father wouldn’t allow her to appear on season two.

So why didn’t Danielle leave the taping of the Reunion Show? We reached out to her to find out:

In the midst of all the craziness, my intention was to make things right,” Danielle tells exclusively.

Danielle also admitted on the episode: “I’m not proud of some of the things I’ve done,” referring to her two sex tapes that have come to light. But she insisted, “I still think I’m a really good mama,” while Caroline made faces at Danielle.

The real headscratcher after watching the season, and especially the reunion is: Why does Danielle stay? Will she really be around for season three?

Time will tell…

— Bonnie Fuller

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