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RIDICULOUS! Paris Hilton Won’t Go To Jail… A Lawyer Says She’ll Probably Just Get A Slap On The Wrist!

Tue, August 31, 2010 8:22pm EDT by 10 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

What’s with these celebrities getting off so easily? Paris Hilton will most likely only get charged with a misdemeanor even
though she was carrying around cocaine!

Paris Hilton continuously defies the law with her bad behavior — and even though she got busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas last week, she’ll still walk away with barely a scratch on her record, predicts Las Vegas-based criminal attorney Al Lasso.

“With such a small amount of cocaine, the vast majority get probation. She doesn’t have a record here, so it’s not likely she’ll get jail time,” Lasso tells “She doesn’t have any felony convictions. Most likely she’ll get probation. Many times it’s knocked down to a gross misdemeanor, which means she wouldn’t be considered a felon.”

Even though it’s a whole lot better than jail time, parole won’t be a walk in the park for the 29-year-old heiress either.

“If she gets parole, Paris will report to her officer frequently (usually once a month),” Lasso explains. “She has to stay drug-free. She has to stay out of trouble. It can last up to five years. In a case like this, normally you have to do about two years.”

After violating parole from a DUI in 2007, Paris spent time in jail and in home confinement. Since then, she’s been caught with marijuana twice – but all charges have been dropped.

Paris’ ability to evade the law and avoid further time in jail astounds those close to her. IN fact, one family friend tells that the only real surprise regarding Paris’ arrest is that it didn’t happen sooner!

“I’m shocked…that it’s taken her so long to get caught,” the insider says.

Do YOU think Paris should go to jail? Does she need to clean up her act?

–Kirstin Benson

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