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EXCLUSIVE! Olivia Munn Tells Us, ‘My Boyfriend Is My Job — & I Like It That Way!’

Tue, August 31, 2010 9:24am EDT by 1 Comment
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Olivia Munn would rather be working than dating — but she still has a sexy new plan for 2010: “BJ Fridays!”

Now that she’s starred in Iron Man 2, Olivia Munn’s career is really starting to take off – but because she’s so focused on work, the brunette beauty has zero time for boys!

“Everyone I know is pretty much married or engaged – I’m literally the only one that’s really single,” the 30-year-old G4 host told exclusively at Kari Feinstein’s Emmy suite August 27. “Is it not healthy? I go to work and I don’t want to leave it! I miss it when I am gone. I can’t wait to get back to it – it’s completely pathetic.”

She adds, laughing, “[It’s a good thing unless] you go home and you’re eating Ramen by yourself wishing you had a cat! My whole life is my work…it takes away from any private and personal time I have. I might as well be working through that, bury it really down deep inside. When I am alone I can bury it in work.”

The actress is still playing the field after splitting from Star Trek actor Chris Pine in January – but she knows she WILL find someone eventually, even if she’s suffering right now. In the meantime she has an – er – INVENTIVE way to spend her Friday nights.

“I think [there’s something more going on in the background] with most of my guy friends,” she tells us. “I think there is some type of sexual energy, because it’s a guy and a girl. I would hope [there’s sexual chemistry] because I do end up blowing them every Friday just to keep the friendship alive. I do it as a friend,” she joked, laughing, “Back in the day they had Step By Step and all these other shows. TGIF! I am like ‘What happened to that?  I’m going to bring it back in my own way! Blowjob Fridays! For all of my guy friends!”

Hey, whatever works to keep the loneliness at bay, right Olivia?

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