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NEW PHOTOS + VIDEO! Brad Pitt Visits New Orleans For Hurricane Katrina's Five-Year Anniversary!

Sat, August 28, 2010 12:36pm EDT by 1 Comment

Brad Pitt made the trip down to Louisiana for the anniversary of Katrina and to visit those he’s helped thanks to his ‘Make It Right Organization!’

Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina wiped out the entire city of New Orleans — and thanks to the humanitarian efforts of Brad Pitt, hundreds of residents whose homes were destroyed now have roofs over their heads.

“He’s like an angel. He’s got an angel face. Put some wings on him and he’d probably fly away,” one New Orleans citizen told the Nightly News about the 46-year-old actor who came to New Orleans for a visit on Katrina’s five-year anniversary Aug. 27.

Brad’s organization, Make It Right, builds low income, eco-friendly homes for people who lost everything during Katrina — and he considers the $150,000 fee per home a small price to pay to help these citizens out.

“It was unnecessary. It didn’t need to happen. I got angry. I got really angry,” Brad said during an interview with Brian Williams. “I would like to see this spread. I’m hoping that we raise more money and expand.”

Angelina Jolie also came down to support her partner, but stayed out of the spotlight completely.

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–Kirstin Benson