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Can We Talk About Lindsay Lohan's AMAZING Post-Rehab Skin? She Looks Five Years Younger!

Fri, August 27, 2010 11:47am EDT by 2 Comments; Getty Images; Getty Images

Our girl is back from rehab with a new lease on life… complete with glowing skin!

Lindsay Lohan is out of the slammer and rehab early, and despite complaining about the paparazzi hounding her every move, seems to be on the mend in a big way because, hey, let’s chat about how amazing her skin looks! I mean, please do a comparison: pre-jail and rehab she looked puffy, tired and dare I say older than her 24 years. But now? WOW. Who knew jail and rehab could be so good for the complexion?!? My guess is days of sleep without drugs and alcohol has given her a rather spectacular glow, not to mention that incarceration food looks pretty great for one’s diet.

Dr. Ronald Minutoli, MD, a General Practitioner who doesn’t work with Lindsay, agrees with my observation of Lindsay’s new post-rehab glow:

“It’s very common for someone to look better after even a brief break from using drugs and alcohol. One of the things that alcohol does is that it causes fluid retention, which is reflected in the skin. Add to that the fact that people who are using it to excess aren’t usually eating in a healthy manner and it adds up. It doesn’t take long to see an improvement in the skin and someone’s general appearance after a break from drugs and alcohol that an appearance is better. You see better color return to the skin and yes, they look much healthier, even younger.”

However, Dr. Bruce Katz, board-certified dermatologist and Director of the Juva Skin and Laser Center, has a different take on Lindsay’s fresh new look:

“I see a number of changes. She probably stopped at her dermatologist’s office in between getting out of rehab and when this most recent photo was taken. Her cheeks are much fuller, so I think she’s had some cheek augmentation – Radiesse or Sculptra, most likely. Her eyebrows are more raised and her upper eyelid and lower lid are less baggy, which suggests she’s probably had some Botox to raise the brows and improve the appearance  of the eyes. The lips are fuller, especially the bottom lip, so she’s probably had some filler injected, either Juvederm or Restylane.”

Whatever it is, I’m calling it now: this could be the best the starlet has looked since her days as a teen queen, and I love the fact that she looks absolutely gorgeous and young again. Has our pretty girl returned…or is it just Freaky Friday?

Kristin Booker