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LAURA SAYS: Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Were Never Going To Work As A Couple — Here's Why!

Fri, August 27, 2010 4:23pm EDT by 7 Comments

I’ve seen Miley & Liam interact firsthand, and I predicted back in March that these two young stars were NOT MFEO!

For all of you that thought Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth would last, sorry — but I’m a realist, and I knew these two had nothing more binding than a mutual attraction!

That’s right, from the very first time The Last Song co-stars stepped out as a couple — on March 7 at Elton John‘s Oscar party, to be exact — they seemed as different as chalk and cheese. Miley, 17, was the life of the party. She ran around the room like a little monkey, making friends and chatting to everyone, including Nicole Richie and her fiancé, Joel Madden. She shook her booty to Grace Jones like she was performing a raunchy striptease, hinting at the sexy “Can’t Be Tamed” Miley she was about to become this year.

But Liam, 20, just seemed awkward at the star-studded event. Not to say this is a bad thing — I’m much more on board with Liam’s party behavior (light mingling, drinking, chatting with friends) than Miley’s over-the-top  center-of-attention style. When she tried to get him to dance, he refrained, looking embarrassed to be in the spotlight.

The Hannah Montana starlet even tried to engage in some PDA with her then-BF, hugging and cuddling up to him. He only seemed immune, only reciprocating her affection when she literally sat on his lap and forced him to kiss her. How normal is THAT for a strapping, young hormone-ridden boy?

Now that Liam has announced the couple’s split, Miley has moved on to someone even less compatible — her already attached co-star Douglas Booth. Liam has also reportedly found someone new — an older surfer chick named Katy. My next prediction: nothing is going to come of either of these new crushes, either.

Back in March I asked the question, “How long can these two make their love last?” — and it appears I’ve got my answer: precisely one year.


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