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Emmys Beauty Watch! Find Out The Celebs' Beauty Secrets — How They're Preparing For The Big Night!

Fri, August 27, 2010 5:08pm EDT by Add first Comment


Want to know how Lea Michele gets blemish-free skin and other star beauty secrets? Read on!

Don’t you sometimes envy the stars, the way they seemingly glide across the red carpet and make beauty look so easy? Well, what you don’t know is that a LOT of preparation goes into making those stars look all shiny and gorgeous. Here are some secrets weapons of the stars that help them look effortlessly beautiful:

We’re all crazy about Lea Michele and her gorgeous complexion but want to know a little secret? She fights blemishes just like all of us (we are all human after all) and the way she gets her perfect skin is the same way the Kardashian sisters stay pimple-free: their Perfect Skin system! Because, let’s face it: acne on the red carpet could be tragic, people.

This year’s Golden Globes showed us that it can (and does) sometimes rain on the red carpet and frizzy hair on stars with gorgeous hair like Blake Lively is just a no-no. This year, look for the beauty industry’s latest breakthrough product, Avon Lotus Shield, to protect anyone and everyone from the elements. It’s a personal favorite of mine, I’m not going to lie: a product that actually causes moisture to keep its original droplet form and roll off your hair without penetrating the hair shaft. And the results last three days!

Cellulite is something that ails even the thinnest of stars, but Victoria Beckham has a little treatment she swears by that uses Karin Herzog Silhouette and Tonus B-12 creams. They help break up and release the fats that cause cellulite.  Judging from the looks of her, I’d say the results are pretty major.

Lip injections can be costly (not to mention painful – yikes) and look unnatural. Here’s a little secret of stars like Michelle Tractenberg, Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford: Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip gloss. It’s a lip plumping gloss that includes an ingredient to curb your appetite. It keeps the pouts of our svelte starlets looking luscious as well as stopping them from diving into dessert trays at the after parties.

Lastly, those sky-high stilettos are painful (can I get an amen, ladies?) and standing in them for hours can be enough to bring even the strongest woman to her knees in anguish. Stylists like Robert Verdi swear by it for clients like Eva Longoria Parker and Kathy Griffin: the Foot Petals Women’s Stiletto Stylist Kit. Place these pads at the ball of the foot, under the instep, across the back strap – wherever that shoe ails you and you can walk for miles.

Don’t get me wrong. The stars are naturally gorgeous but everyone can use a little help now and again to make glamour look easy. Feel free to steal a few of these secrets for your yourself. It’s our little secret.

— Kristin Booker