NEW DETAILS! Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Getting Off As Easy As You Think – She Has A Ton Of Probation Rules!

Wed, August 25, 2010 2:24pm EDT by Add first Comment
Pacific Coast News

Pacific Coast News

Even though he let her out of rehab early, Judge Fox isn’t messing around with Lindsay’s probation — she has to stay at her house and get randomly tested for drugs and alcohol twice a week!

Even though Lindsay Lohan managed to break free from the UCLA Medical Center after serving only 22 days of her 90-day court ordered rehab sentence, the 24-year-old actress is still going to be a prisoner in her own home! During a court hearing in Beverly Hills Aug. 25, Judge Elden Fox gave Lindsay strict marching orders for the length of her probation — and if she doesn’t follow orders, she’s going back to jail for 30 days! Yikes!

Here are Lindsay’s probation rules:

  • Lindsay must live at home — and not go out of state without permission.
    • Even though doctors say she’s NOT an addict, the judge has asked for random drug and alcohol test twice a week
      • The Mean Girls actress is required to go to psychotherapy four days a week and participate in behavioral therapy sessions two times a week
        • Lindsay has to attend a 12-step program
        • After the hearing, Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley assured the press her client is ready to begin her new, clean, life. “She has changed,” Holley said. “She’s healthy. She’s clear-headed. She is positive at looking forward.”

          –Kirstin Benson