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Are You In A Career Rut Like Jen? Here's How You Can Snap Out of It!!!

Tue, August 24, 2010 4:57pm EDT by Add first Comment

It’s no fun when your career is in a rut. It’s even worse when you’ve lost your job mojo and everyone knows it like Jennifer Aniston. Jen’s had three highly publicized box office disappointments in a row. Sure it sucks, but we’ve all been there.

Neither you nor Jen should fret. Every day offers a new opportunity for you to dig yourself out of that ditch, start something new and get back on top. Who cares if the world is watching! Let them watch you come back from the brink and they will respect you more than ever.

We talked to career and life coach Tracey Steinberg who is an expert at helping women turn their dreams into a reality. We asked Tracey about her top five tips for turning around a stagnant career.

1.  Accept that if you keep doing the same things you are going to keep getting the same results. Jen keeps choosing the same rom com roles in poorly written movies. If she doesn’t switch up the script, literally, nothing will change for her. If you want different results you are going to have to take different actions and embrace the idea of going outside your comfort zone.

2.  To immediately snap out of a rut, go right now and do something you enjoy with people you adore.  This will remind you of everything you have to be grateful for and will keep this change in perspective.

3.  Do something generous for friends or for a group of strangers who can benefit from your generosity.  Giving is the fastest way to improve your self-esteem and help you to feel better about yourself.

4.  Set aside some time to think about your biggest successes, what you did to earn those, and how you can do more of that in the immediate future.

5. Don’t be afraid to try something completely new. So what if you used to be a lawyer or a teacher or a comedic actress in her forties. Embrace the unknown and you might just be surprised at how successful you can be.