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Good News For You, Tiger Woods! Experts Predict You'll Make A Comeback With Golf & Women!

Mon, August 23, 2010 6:19pm EDT by 5 Comments

Although Tiger finalized his divorce from Elin Nordegren on August 23 and his golf game has sucked lately, golf insiders and relationship experts alike say he’ll be fine…in time.

Tiger Woods has had one crappy year – and things just seem to be getting worse. Not only did he announce his divorce from estranged wife Elin Nordegren today, but he played one of the worst golf games of his career a little over a week ago. But although he’s in a dark place right now, experts say his life WILL get better – and soon!

Although he should be a social pariah for cheating on Elin, 30, with a plethora of  mistresses, Dr. Jenn Berman says the type of women who will go for the 34-year-old golf pro now aren’t exactly the desirable sort. “There are always women who are ready and willing to date rich, powerful men regardless of how salacious their tastes seem to be,” the psychotherapist tells, adding that this type isn’t exactly what you’d call a good girl. “I would say that kind of woman is a risk-taker who has a self-destructive side and who likes drama and media attention.”

However, because Tiger is “successful, accomplished and good-looking”, Dr. Jenn says it “is very possible [that he’ll be fine] if he plays his cards right” by donating to charities, spending time with his kids and refraining from dating for at least 12 months as per his 12-step program for sexual addiction.

Agrees Rhonda Findling, author of Don’t Call That Man: A Survival Guide to Letting Go, “Tiger still gets dates. He cheated on his wife and gets beautiful women anyway. People are going to be lined up to date this guy! He can date as many women as he wants now, and he will. He’s a free agent.”

And if his love life will be fine, then so will his golf game. Although he played terribly at the PGA’s in Kohler, Wisconsin August 12-13, finishing 28th at a tournament he placed 2nd in last year, golf pros are convinced he’ll soon return to his former prowess on the green. “Superman met his kryptonite,” explains Jay Miller, owner of the Cresta Verde Golf Club in California and co-founder of the Get-A-Grip foundation. “No action, no golf game. As soon as he got caught he had nowhere to run and hide, so he lost his game.”

But Miller is confident that Tiger WILL bounce back. “He’s so strong mentally, he’ll figure it out. He’s going through a golf swing change again. He did that 11 years ago, he did it 6 years ago and he’ll do it now. He’ll change his swing to adapt to his age and to stay current. Just like Jack Nicklaus had a stretch, Tiger has gone two years without winning a major. I suspect he’ll win one or two next year. He’ll figure out a way to break Jack’s records.”

Pat Burke, a golfing instructor at the Hidden Valley Golf Club in Norco, Calif. says that he would “bet yes” to a Tiger Woods comeback. “No one has gotten as big as him or fallen as far. I know a lot of guys who went through divorces on the PGA tour and during that period played miserably. When the divorces were finalized, all bounced back to where they had been before.”

He adds, “I think it will probably be fair to say that his level of dominance will be less. A pretty big intimidation factor that he had over the other players is gone. When every mistake in your private life becomes page 1 news, it’s pretty tough to be intimidating. [Although] he had a pretty terrible golf year, from a professional standpoint he played better than 90% of the guys on tour wished they played as good as he did in the 4 majors. His golf game is still that good.”

You’re a lucky man, Tiger. Women and the golf world may forgive you, but if you don’t change your stripes this time around, you’re going to be a universally hated man!

Laura Schreffler