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EXCLUSIVE! Jennifer Aniston Swears She'll Stop Making Insipid Romantic Comedies, An insider Tells Us!

Mon, August 23, 2010 4:36pm EDT by 11 Comments
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Jen was as shocked as we were by how poorly The Switch performed over the weekend says a source. Here’s her new plan to switch out of her career rut.

Jennifer Aniston has been following the same celluloid formula for years — good hair, cute guy and something that looks a lot like love. But now that her latest film, The Switch, bombed over the weekend – raking in a paltry $8.1 million – she knows it’s time to leave the world of romantic comedies behind and try something new!

“Jen thinks she’s outgrown these types of movies,” an insider tells “They were cute and audiences loved them years ago, but that’s not what they want to see – or, at least, not with Jen. She kind of knew this was coming, but she didn’t expect The Switch to do that badly at the box office.”

Smart cookie that she is, Jen, 41, planned ahead to get herself out of her movie rut. “She prepared herself,” our source says. “That’s why she agreed to take on the role of a nympho dentist in her new movie, Horrible Bosses [which she’s shooting now]. Yes, it’s a comedy, but she has a lot of sexual scenes. She’ll definitely be seen in a whole new light.”

Not only is she sexing herself up, but Jen is also ready to tackle directing! “Jen will direct Counter-Clockwise, a drama about a psychologist who conducts an experiment on reversing the aging process by making her patients believe they are younger. And she’ll co-star and direct Goree Girls, a drama/musical — something she’s never done. That film is based on a true story from the 1940s about a group of incarcerated female country-and-western performers,” says the insider adding, “So really, there are options for her.”

We’re happy to see Jen try something new! We haven’t seen her in a worthy role since 2002, when she played a sad discount store clerk who had an depressing affair with stock boy Jake Gyllenhaal in The Good Girl. Silly romantic comedies like The Bounty Hunter, Love Happens, The Break-Up and Rumor Has Itare tired, trite and SAFE. We’re ready to see what else Jennifer can do beneath all that fabulous hair! Aren’t you?

Laura Schreffler

Watch a video below of‘s advice for Jen. Here’s how she can re-vamp her career — and her image:

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