Is This A Joke?! Teresa Giudice Celebrates Her Bankruptcy With $60,000 Shopping Spree!

Tue, August 17, 2010 9:29am EST by 6 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

The reality star goes on a buying bender just days after filing for bankruptcy, spending over $8,000 on curtains alone!

It seems like Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s bankruptcy, as well as the possible auction of the contents of her New Jersey McMansion, is having absolutely no effect on her — she went on a $60,000 shopping spree just days after filing for bankruptcy! The New York Post reports, “receipts show that within days of filing to wipe out their multimillion-dollar debt, the Giudices blew $8,800 for curtains and nearly $45,000 on wall hangings, mirrors, frames, tables, urns and chairs.”

Even the Giudice’s lawyer was at a loss to explain his clients’ actions as he tried to convince a judge to put off the upcoming auction at the Giudice’s home. In the end the date was moved back from Aug. 22 to Oct. 3.

Shopoholic, cookbook author, and tanning saloon spokesperson Teresa and hubby Joe filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, owing close to $11 million to various creditors. It is good to see the two, who utilize a reality program to flaunt their lavish lifestyle, are taking this matter so seriously.

The paper notes Joe was none to happy with the media attention following the hearing yesterday, responding to questions with a charming, “None of your business! Back off before I get pissed!” Maybe you shouldn’t have signed up for a reality show pal.

-Chris Spargo

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Posted at 2:07 PM on August 28, 2010  

How can anyone waste their time watching such junk?

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Posted at 5:01 PM on August 26, 2010  

The authority seriously need to investigate this family. How are they allowed to spend extravagantly after filing for BK. Judge need to be more stringent and stern with his ruling towards these two. Teresa will not comply. She couldn’t care less. She is an embarassment. She is a women without any class or ethics. Her husband does not seem to have any say in the matter. He may grumble and whine, but he does not do anything to prevent her from spending. She will cause the death of her husband and she is definitely sending them to the poor house.

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Posted at 8:48 PM on August 17, 2010  

It would be ok if her kids were cute, will Gabriella is pretty but the rest forgetaboutit!…Those kids are the brattiest kids i have ever witnessed!..To bad they did not all stay back in Italy! The whole family is disgusting!

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Posted at 8:44 PM on August 17, 2010  

These two belong in jail. Plain and simple. This self-indulgent pig and her barney rubble husband are a disgrace and i can’t believe how they filed for bk and went out and bought more tacky crap for their home! Save those curtains Teresa, u will need them for your apt above the pizza parlor u big fat liar! Karma, i can’t wait till it hits u in that big fat face of yours!

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Posted at 2:26 PM on August 17, 2010  

Well it all kind of makes sense. After the first $8 million debt there is no way in hell you’re ever going to pay back that stuff, so what’s an extra $60 000 on champagne, a couple of curtains and an all you can eat at Vito’s Lobster house down the road?

Let’s hope unlike her pal- Danielle Staub who’ll probably be forced to put out another sex tape (to stay afloat) now that she got fired that Teresa stays in the producer’s good graces ohterwise it’s going to be a long time before Teresa drops another $48 million on a lobster roll and trinkets.

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Posted at 12:05 PM on August 17, 2010  

Why would she be so stupid to spend while and/or after filing bankruptcy? It’s common sense not to do so, especially when she’s in the public eye. She is seriously asking for authorities to investigate her. In last night’s episode, her husband was obviously annoyed at her spending. Her and her daughter’s all had custom made dresses. For what? She should go to shopoholics therapy. Something is wrong here. People that spend money so extravagantly are trying to meet their emotional needs with “things” or are obsessed w/ trying to impress. Sad! Her girls are not well behaved at all. They talk back and yell. Very disrespectful.

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