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Kate Gosselin Is One Sad Mommy Now That Her Kids Are Going Back To School!

Tue, August 17, 2010 7:10pm EDT by 3 Comments

Kate compares her brood of eight going back to school to Snow White leaving her 8 dwarfs behind! Cute or crazy?

For Kate Gosselin, parting from her kids really is such sweet sorrow! In a new blog entry, the mom of eight confides that she’s sad to see her brood go back to school.

“I absolutely cannot believe this day will come in just two short weeks … I feel like just a few minutes ago I was writing in my blog about how school was over and summer was beginning … And here we are again” she wrote on her TLC blog August 11, adding, “Today I write about a very momentous occasion: One — THE one — that I have known would come one day, and boy has it sneaked right up on me! What is the occasion you ask? ALL EIGHT OF MY CHILDREN will, for the first time ever, ATTEND FULL-TIME SCHOOL this year!!!!! I stand in awe, amazement and slight sadness at the thought of this [insert sad, nostalgic mommy music here please].”

She continued, “I can remember many days spent lying on bed rest (the last time I had copious time that I didn’t know what to do with), thinking ahead to the day when I would send eight children off to school Monday through Friday. I suppose I thought ahead to this, because, at the time, the thought of having eight children at home Monday through Friday scared the living bejeebers out of me.”

But like any good mom, Kate, 35, now misses her kids when they’re gone – and likens leaving them to how Snow White left her dwarfs! “Reaching this milestone is a privilege that is never a guarantee — extra especially not in a high-risk sextuplet pregnancy — and I feel honored (even if a bit sad) to send them marching off to school…Just like Snow White and her 8 (please, just on this occasion?)Dwarfs! [Side note: sorry if you didn’t appreciate the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs reference, but we’re into that movie right now!]”

Well…that’s OK, then, Kate. She finishes up her entry with a truly touching comment – one that made us ‘Awwww’ just a little bit. “Back to a bit of seriousness — this huge landmark in our lives reminds me once again of just how very blessed I am to be the mother to eight healthy, beautiful, always hungry, wonderful, awe-inspiring, sometimes goofy, intelligent, perfect, sometimes grouchy, delicious and delightful children!!!!

Laura Schreffler