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Justin Bieber Tweets Out Fan's Phone Number — What A Super Low Move! Here's Why!

Sun, August 15, 2010 6:01pm EDT by 59 Comments
Courtesy of Seventeen

Courtesy of Seventeen

The Biebz tried to get revenge on one unlucky kid in Detroit, who ended up getting thousands of phone calls and texts — he even has the video to prove it! We hope Justin plans on paying this kid’s phone bill!

It looks like Justin Bieber may not be perfect after all, he tweeted out the phone number of an enemy as a way of getting revenge! Gawker reports, “Saturday night, a tweet appeared then quickly vanished on teen heartthrob Justin Bieber’s verified Twitter account: ‘everyone call me 248-XXX-XXXX :) or text’. The number belonged to a teen in Detroit, and Justin apparently tweeted it out of revenge.” Come on Justin!

The tweet disappeared soon after, but was up long enough for Kevin Kristopik, a Detroit teenager, to receive thousands of calls and texts!

As for why Justin did this, “it appears to be payback on some level for Kristopik hacking the Twitter account of a childhood friend of Justin’s named Ryan Butler, and using it to get Justin’s phone number. On July 27th, Kristopik tweeted ‘im the one who hacked ryan and got justins #.’ When asked today on Twitter, ‘You hacked ryan, and now jb wants payback so he tweeted your number?’ Kristopik repied, ‘Kinda.'”

Kevin had been texting Justin his father, Mike Kristopik, admits. It seems Justin grew fed up and upset about how he had gotten the number and planned his revenge.

Kevin turned off his phone after receiving an estimated 26,000 texts and there is a very real chance he will have a LARGE phone bill to deal with — something we think Justin should DEFINITELY be paying for!

Check out this video below of Kevin’s repeated phone calls and texts. It looks like Justin owes this kid a HUGE apology!