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Pregnancy Is Making Christiana Applegate Crazy – And Incredibly Entertaining!

Sat, August 14, 2010 8:31pm EDT by Add first Comment

Falling asleep in the middle of a manicure, constant pizza cravings, and of course, waddling — The Going the Distance actress is sharing her pregnancy moments tweet by tweet and it’s hysterical!

We knew Christina Applegate, who is due to have her first baby in the winter, was getting a little cuckoo from her pregnancy,  but we didn’t know the full extend of it. Ever since the 38-year-old actress, who’s engaged to 41-year-old musician Martyn LeNoble announced her pregnancy, she’s been sharing every crazy pregnancy thought with her Twitter followers — and we’re loving every one of those 140-character updates!

Pizza and avocados are Christina’s major pregnancy cravings, but occasionally some other food fantasies pop up. Went inside to get my computer and ended up eating a piece of cake. How did that happen?”

She wants it to be made clear, though, that we can’t listen to outside reports on her pregnancy habits. “Apparently I went to some store in bev hills and bought 12 caramel apples. I loathe caramel apples and I don’t eat sugar soooo…yeah,” she tweeted on Wednesday. She must have forgotten about that piece of cake. “I’m pregnant people, don’t mess with me,” she added. “It won’t be pretty. On another note, I could eat a fricken large pizza right now!”

Besides the cravings, Christina is suddenly dealing with pregnancy fatigue and finding out that it doesn’t matter where you are. Just fell asleep sitting up at the manicurist,” she shared yesterday. “Woke up bcuz my head jerked back and scared the shit outta me…good time.” What really freaked her out was how she is suddenly walking differently. ” I’m actually starting to waddle. Wtf???!!!!!!” she said. Then added “Listen people, I shouldn’t be waddling…I am not far enough along. So when I say “wtf?” I mean WTF?!!!! It’s not normal. But I love my baby.”

It sounds like the pregnancy hormones are totally kicking in! Mix that with her delicious self-deprecating sense of humor and it’s daily entertainment. Someone give this woman another TV show… or a book deal!