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EXCLUSIVE! An Expert Says Doctors Are NUTS If They Yank Lindsay From Rehab Before 90 Days!

Fri, August 13, 2010 3:13pm EDT by 7 Comments

Dina Lohan claims her daughter might be released from UCLA Medical Center earlier than expected if doctors tell the judge she’s healthy…but addiction expert Marty Brenner tells us there’s no way she’ll recover if she leaves early!

Dina Lohan only wants what’s best for her daughter — but as history has proven, her wishes actually do more harm than good for 24-year-old trainwreck Lindsay Lohan. Now, Dina is lobbying for doctors to give Lindsay an early release from her 90-day rehab stint at UCLA Medical Center, but Los Angeles addiction expert Marty Brenner tells that’s a TERRIBLE idea.

“Rehab really won’t work if they yank Lindsay early,” Brenner — who’s worked with the Lohan family before — explains. “She needs 90 days…60 day at a bare minimum. First she has to get situated and analyzed, which takes a few days. Then she has to detox, which will probably take at least two weeks.”

Although the DA’s office and Lindsay’s lawyer have said it’s a possibility, Brenner says releasing Lindsay early because she’s coherent isn’t the same as releasing her because she’s healthy.

“The psychiatrists can say she’s detoxed and she’s coherent, but working on the addiction is another ball game,” Brenner explains. “At that time is when the treatment really works. If they are going to say she’s ready to go just because she’s coherent, then what’s changed? Nothing. You need the whole balance for rehab to work. You have to be there for a while. You have to be involved.”

Plus, if Judge Elden Fox — who replaced Judge Marsha Revel this week — has the final say, would he even take an early release into consideration? Los Angeles-based criminal attorney, Steve Cron, thinks he would.

“Generally that’s what is expected,” Cron says. “The purpose of rehab is rehab, not punishment. If the professionals believe the person shouldn’t be there any longer, the judge will usually listen to what they have to say.”

Do YOU think Lindsay should be released early?

–Kirstin Benson