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Paris Hilton Shows Off Her New Marilyn Monroe-Inspired Scent & Confesses Her Hopes Of Playing A Vampire One Day!

Wed, August 11, 2010 10:44am EDT by 8 Comments

Can you believe Paris Hilton is launching her tenth fragrance? Here, she spills details on her latest venture and her plans to expand the Paris Hilton brand!

You may not be aware of this, but Paris Hilton has nine impressively successful fragrances. We caught up with the famous heiress at the launch party for her tenth scent, Tease in Los Angeles on Aug. 10. Fittingly, Paris dressed as the inspiration for her elixir, Marilyn Monroe, the original tease.

HL: Why was Marilyn your inspiration for Tease?
Paris: Because Marilyn was such a tease – very flirty and fun and I think everybody wants to be like that. Marilyn was a ten and this is a ten fragrance, so it’s perfect. She’s so glamorous and such an icon, and someone no one will ever forget. I want my fragrance to be unforgettable and sexy like her.

HL: How is Tease different from your other perfumes?
Paris: The scent is just very sophisticated, different, and glamorous. The other ones were very sweet. Tease is a very gorgeous and sexy scent.

HL: Marilyn was always your fashion idol and you’re a fashion idol to a
lot of girls. What piece of advice would you give for them?
Paris: It’s always great to be confident and for style, you should always do your own thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing only designer, I think it’s fun to mix things and match. Like Forever 21, they always have the cutest clothes.

HL: Will Tease be your last fragrance or will we be smelling more Paris Hilton?
Paris: There’s going to be more because we just found out that Tease is one of the number one selling fragrances right now. Now we’re doing the eleventh and we’re rushing it out and it’s going to be out by Christmas time.

HL: In about five years, where do you see yourself?
Paris: Definitely continuing to be a successful businesswoman and growing my empire. One day having a family, but definitely focusing on my business.

HL: What do you find sexy a guy?
Paris: I think it’s important to find someone you can trust, who is smart and loving, someone who is a good person. There’s a lot of not-good guys out there, but there’s a lot of special ones.

HL: If you could be a guest star on any TV show, which one would it be?
Paris: I don’t watch much television because I’m very busy with work and traveling, but there’s one show that I really love and it’s True Blood. It’s a really awesome show and that’d be fun to play, like, a vampire or something.

HL: You’ve done reality TV, modeling, acting, singing – what else would you like to do in the future?
Paris: I’ve pretty much done all I can do. My next project involves real estate. Just being in the business and growing up, it’s something that I’ve always been interested in. Right now, I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do, so I think that would be my next step.

– Written by Marta Topran, Reporting by Karen Marie Datangel

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