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Jason Bateman & Jennifer Aniston Disagree: He Says Men & Women Can't Be Friends — I'm Totally With Jen!

Wed, August 11, 2010 9:00pm EDT by 4 Comments

What do YOU think, BFFs? Is it possible for men and women to keep their relationships platonic?

It’s the great, age-old debate: CAN men and women have a non-sexual relationship? Jennifer Aniston says yes although her new BFF and The Switch co-star Jason Bateman disagrees!

“Yes [they can be friends]!” Jen, 41, told PopEater, “It’s hard, but I think women have an easier time than men do.”

Jason, also 41, took the opposite stance. “I don’t want to make a horrible generalization, but a lot of guys I’ve met with sleep with pretty much any girl that they meet. And if they are actually good friends with that girl that’s a home run,” he said. “How can you resist that?”

He added, “As soon as you both are single, you can just kind of start the clock. Then you soak it in booze and things happen.”

Let me tell you something, Jason Bateman – that’s complete BS, and I’m totally siding with Jen on this one!

My closest friends happen to all be straight single guys, and I can assure you that I’ve never thought about dating any of them – and vice versa. That chemistry just isn’t there. Instead, I get to hear what they REALLY think about girls, and they give me much-appreciated love advice.

As for ‘soaking it in booze’ – Jason, I can assure you that the only thing that springs from such a situation is some really bad karaoke – not an accidental hookup!

What do you think? Can men and women really be ‘just friends’?


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