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Is Denise Richards The Real Cause Of Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller's Christmas Day Domestic Dispute?

Tue, August 10, 2010 5:00pm EDT by 2 Comments
Fame Pictures; Wireimage

Fame Pictures; Wireimage

Reports suggest that Brooke was jealous of Charlie’s relationship with his daughters Lola & Sam from his previous marriage to Denise Richards, but experts say that she was actually green-eyed over his ex-wife!

The release of the police report detailing Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s domestic dispute on Christmas Day last year revealed that couple’s argument began when they fought over Charlie’s close bond with one of his daughters from his previous marriage to Denise Richards. “Mueller was jealous of this relationship with his daughter,” the report reads. “The catalyst for this argument began when he shared a song for his daughter, whom he fathered by another woman!” But experts tell that there is a deeper issue that caused the battle — Brooke’s fear that Charlie still had feelings for his ex-wife Denise!

While Charlie telling Brooke about his special song with Sam, 6, or Lola, 5, was the trigger for the explosive argument, the daughters were a “threat because any love Charlie showed towards [them] worried Brooke that he was wishing he was still with their mother, Denise,” says Carole Lieberman, M.D. and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them and How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets.

The children represent Charlie’s relationship with Denise, says Dr. Jeff Gardere, licensed psychologist and host of VH1’s Dad Camp. “Even if they don’t get along or see one another, the child is the progeny of the mother. In the new spouse’s eyes, it keeps the parent in a relationship with the mother or father of that child.”

In Brooke’s situation, despite having children of her own with Charlie (twins Bob and Max, 17 months) “she never felt secure enough in the relationship to begin with,” suggests Gardere. “There was some insecurity and jealousy — she always felt secondary to Denise.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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