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EXCLUSIVE! Michaele Salahi's Stylist Says D.C. Housewives Are '100 Percent Jealous' Of Michaele!

Mon, August 9, 2010 4:50pm EDT by 15 Comments
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Not only does Michaele’s fame make the other wives jealous, but it sounds like they also covet her unique style!

There’s no question about it — The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. are completely jealous of Michaele Salahi! “Absolutely 100 percent,” Michaele‘s stylist Julie Wilson told exclusively. “I think it’s … because she’s so pretty and she’s in the spotlight. I feel like that’s what they’re getting aggravated about and [why] they’re attacking her like they did on The View.”

Julie says the housewives even have a tendency to copy Michaele’s style.

“I will tell you that if they see her in a particular color, there are some repeat appearances,” Julie told us. “If you watch her on The View, and then watched them the next day … . She’s definitely the one that they look at. The other ones’ style sense, when you look at them and you look at the consecutive outfits that they wear, there’s not a consistent look, idea or pattern.”

Michaele is “most known for red,” Julie told us. “What people associate with her is more of a clean line. I put her in constructive pieces that have design elements. They don’t overwhelm because Michaele has a huge personality. You have to dress for the personality.”

As for the other Housewives picking on Michaele’s alleged eating disorder, Julie told us that’s “crap.” She said, “I have seen her body, she’s normal — like on the border two or four. She’s NOT a zero!”

“She uses a little platform,” Julie said. “I think she really likes to be as tall as she possible can be. She’s already like 5’9″ to start with, so it just adds to her persona and image.”

“Bottom line, they’re jealous,” Julie said of the other Housewives. “I just think that a lot of people like to pre-judge, but there’s also a private side to her and she does have a huge heart. A lot of people don’t want to see that!”

— Lindsey DiMattina