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EXCLUSIVE! Selena Gomez Tells Us She Hates Being Called A Good Girl!

Sun, August 8, 2010 10:01pm EDT by 37 Comments
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Selena definitely doesn’t like being typecast as the wholesome girl-next-door! Read on to find out why, BFFs!

You better not call Selena Gomez a good girl to her face – she tells us she’s totally over projecting an innocent image!

“The funny thing is, I really don’t like it when people say I’m wholesome. I don’t like that at all!” the 18-year-old actress told at the Teen Choice Awards August 8. “I never said I was that and I never tried to portray it. I’m honestly doing what I feel like I’m doing…and I’d just like to figure out who I am,” she said.

In fact, the Disney starlet would like to model herself after more mature role models and be considered more adult! ” I look up to people my family loves. [My inspirations] are Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock,” she confided. “They’re very strong women in the acting world and really real people and I love them.”

As for her future plans, she told us, “We’re developing something for my production company that I’m really excited about and right now I’m focusing on Wizards [of Waverly Place] and hopefully it’s not coming to an end – but you never know.”

Her short-term goals are a lot simpler. “I just want to be happy,” she said. “More than anything I hope to be part of a great project with great people.”

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