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Luke Wilson Wants Kids But Worries: Has He Left It Too Late?

Sun, August 8, 2010 6:04pm EDT by 5 Comments

The busy 38-year-old Old School star says he wants to get everything together before having  kids, but doesn’t want to “pay neighbourhood kids to throw the football with my kid.”

It’s not just women who hear the tick-tock of their biological clock. It appears Luke Wilson can hear it too. The actor says he’s thinking about having kids. “I’m working on that one,” he told USA Today. But he’s got some problems to sort through. First, he’s a busy guy. Luke is currently promoting Middle Men, a movie about the creation of Internet porn, co-starring with Laura Dern in the HBO series Enlightened, and is writing some scripts including one with Tracy Morgan. So there’s all that.

Second: he needs to do the dating thing. “I’ve got to find the girl, No. 1,” says Luke, who dated Drew Barrymore and has been linked to Joy Bryant and playmate Audra Lynn. After that he’s got to do some acting. “I’ve got to somehow make her believe in me — that’s going to take a couple of years. I’ve got to BS her into thinking I’ve got my [stuff] together.”

He could just wait until he has his act together and he’s not so busy, but that could take years! Luke is 38, which isn’t that old, but it’s not that young either. He could be over 50 by the time he has kids old enough to play sports with. “I don’t want to have to pay a neighborhood kid to throw the football with my kid.” Hope he lands that girl soon, he seems like he would be a fun dad and it would be a shame for his kid to miss out! Anyone interested in becoming Luke’s baby mama?