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EXCLUSIVE: The Team Who Collaborated With Lindsay Lohan On Her Bag Line Spills On Working With The Star!

Fri, August 6, 2010 5:06pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments


Believe it or not, Lindsay is hands-on, hard working, and cooperative when it comes to her latest design venture!

While Lindsay Lohan has created quite a reputation for herself, (both professionally and in her personal life), when it comes to designing it sounds like she’s a completely different person! Richard Luna, the president of the company Lindsay enlisted for her handbag line California Bags, spoke highly of the star at a preview for her 6126 and 7286 collection’s. “It was actually just kismet,” Richard said of their partnership. “The reason there hasn’t been any problem is because she’s completely involved in the brand. All immediate questions are answered and worked out so it’s been very simple.”

He said Lindsay also has a very personal relationship with creative director Kaz Wolf. “She and Lindsay clicked right away, they collaborate on everything together and they’re constantly emailing and texting each other,” he said. “They have a very nice relationship.”

After viewing the bags up close, it’s easy to see that Lindsay was, in fact, involved with the process — the detailing and hardware is consistent to the elements found in her 6126 clothing line. Richard said when it came to design and construction, he was very impressed with her knowledge. “One of the things that I was most impressed about with Lindsay is that she knows a lot about handbags. I’m sorry to say she knows more than some of the people that have worked for me,” he said laughing. “She understands construction and form.”

Richard said after meeting, he knew the collaboration would be a success, recalling their first encounter. “The reason why we were attracted to her is because the very first meeting we had she mentioned an extremely successful luxury brand that happens to have a piece of hardware that weighs at least a pound. And she said it’s so hot and everything, but I only used it once because it was so heavy before I put anything in it, I don’t want the bag to be heavy before we put anything in it. After hearing that I thought, ‘Wow she gets it.’ So that’s kind of how we started working together.”

Believe it or not, Lindsay’s time in the slammer actually didn’t hinder the collaboration “at all,” Richard said. The spring line is complete, and when the star completes her stint in rehab they’ll shoot the campaign for the line. Rather than emulate Lindsay’s recent edgy, provocative shoots, the campaign is going to be totally different. “It’s going to be glam,” he said, hinting at an Old Hollywood vibe and touching on their shared passion for old movies. “I’ve studied film criticism so I’ve always been into film. She really likes old films and old stars and we really clicked on that level.”

Lindsay, we’re very impressed by the hype surrounding your handbags and how smooth your collaboration is going — hopefully she keeps up the good work!

-Katrina Mitzeliotis

See the collection here!

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