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Surprise! Twilight's Bella and Cullen Are the Hot New Baby Names!

Wed, August 4, 2010 2:46pm EDT by Add first Comment

Would you name your new baby after a Twilight character? Thousands of moms have!

So you think you’re a die-hard Twi-hard? Well, you aren’t a real fan of Bella, Edward and co. until you name your baby after a character from the megahit Twilight books. The annual list of the most popular baby names in America has revealed that thousands of parents in the U.S. are picking names related to the Stephenie Meyer‘s cultural phenomenon. While Emily and Jacob are at the top of the list, Bella and Alice are popular names for girls and Cullen, Emmett and Jasper are all the rage for boys. It’s a craze that’s carrying over from last year, when Isabella and Jacob were the most popular names in the country.

“Name ideas have to come from somewhere,”’s  Laura Wattenberg told the Chicago Tribune, “and when a name is presented to a million people at once, if it’s a name that fits current styles and sounds good to parents, it becomes a hit.”

Stephenie named some of the characters in the books after her own relatives, and others, like Edward, were chosen because they sounded old-fashioned and fit with the idea of him being 90 years old. But when it came to Resesmee (spoiler alert: the name of Bella’s daughter), Stephenie says she made it up, because “what do you name the most unique baby in the world?”

Seventeen mothers out there must think their babies are pretty unique, cause they named their daughters Renesmee too. So how about you, would you name your child after a Twilight character?