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EXCLUSIVE! Even The Country’s Best Rehab Won’t Help Lindsay If Dina Doesn’t Get Help Too, Says Insider!

Tue, August 3, 2010 8:03pm EDT by 3 Comments


Lindsay Lohan is STILL in denial she needs to be in rehab…and it’s because her mom refuses to admit her daughter has a problem!

Lindsay Lohan was dragged kicking and screaming into UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital to serve her 90 days of court ordered rehab Aug. 1, but she isn’t completely to blame for her behavior. In fact, one insider tells that the 24-year-old actress will have a hard time ever accepting treatment until her mom, Dina, also wakes up and smells the roses.

“Dina has actually told me before, ‘Lindsay has no problem; she’s just a normal girl,’” Los Angeles-based addiction expert Marty Brenner, who’s worked with the Lohan family before, says. “The reason Lindsay is still in denial is because everyone around her is telling her she doesn’t have issues. She’s listening to those she loves.”

If fact, Brenner says that Dina should seek therapy while Lindsay’s in rehab so that she’s able to act as the support system her daughter needs.

“Dina needs her own therapy and she needs to stop living vicariously through Lindsay. She has to understand that what Lindsay’s doing is NOT normal. That’s the only way this will work,” Brenner tells us, adding, “Lindsay could still take this like a joke. It’s up to her. She needs the biggest support she’s ever had right now.”

Although she spent nearly two weeks in a Lynwood, Calif. jail cell, Lindsay has refused to accept she has a problem, but Brenner says denial is common in rehab patients.

“She’s walking in with a negative mindset — that’s normal,” Brenner explains. “We’ll know whether or not she’s going to accept change after 30 days. She needs to detox and go through withdrawals, THEN all the issues will come out. That’s when everyone in the hospital will work as a team. Hopefully by then she’ll be on board.”

Brenner says there’s hope that the stubborn actress will get healthy and on the right track, but UCLA’s medical staff will have to design a program that’s unique to Lindsay…otherwise she’ll stay the same.

“If UCLA doctors have her go to group therapy at their outpatient facility called Matrix, which patients typically start after 30 days, she’ll never make it work. Going in group therapy hasn’t worked for her in the past. She felt different. She created havoc in the groups,” Brenner tells us. “UCLA should design a program that’s unique to
Lindsay. She responds best to one-on-one treatment.”

Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said doctors are examining the prescription pills Lindsay is taking and deciding which ones should be stopped.

“Her doctors are looking at what prescriptions she is currently taking, whether or not the dosages need to be increased, decreased or stopped,” Holley told Aug. 3. “Lindsay’s doctors are looking at everything she is taking, and determining what changes if any need to occur.

However, no matter what the doctors say, it’s going to be up to Lindsay, Brenner says. “At the end of the day, it’s not the rehab that invokes change…it’s the person. Lindsay will get better if she wants to get better.”

–Kirstin Benson

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