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EXCLUSIVE! Ali Says: Roberto & I Laughed At Rumors I Was Dating Matt Leinart!

Tue, August 3, 2010 4:25pm EDT by 1 Comment

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez dished to us about keeping their engagement under wraps, why they’ll actually make it to the altar and how they dealt with the pesky rumor that Ali was dating a pro football player!

After three months of keeping their love under wraps, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are FINALLY allowed to talk about the hardships of their secret engagement – including rumors that Ali was secretly hooking up with pro football player Matt Leinart!

“It was tough! You do what you can,” Roberto, 26, told during a conference call August 3, just one day after the season finale of their show, The Bachelorette. “That’s the reason I really don’t keep up with the tabloids because it’s easy to get caught up in that. I tend to steer clear from it.”

“He had a terrible poker face!” Ali told us with a giggle, adding, “We laughed about [the Matt Leinart rumor]. I was like, ‘Look who I’m dating!’

But the rumors haven’t put a damper on their love. In fact, Ali, 25, was downright gushing when she recalled how she knew Roberto, an insurance agent from Florida, was the one “I didn’t want to be with anyone else. Normally I would say, ‘I need to stop focusing on this guy and focus someone else,’ but I couldn’t focus on Chris…I just
wanted to focus on Roberto….[it was] love at first sight.”

As for The Bachelorette/Bachelor relationship curse, both Ali and Roberto say there’s no way they’ll let fame get in the way of their love a la former Bachelor couple Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka. “I think we’re both really simple. We appreciate the simple things in life,” Ali said, explaining, “We just want to hold hands walking down the street. We realize there have been a few [failed] relationships. We don’t consider ourselves a Bachelorette couple. We’re just a normal couple in love.”

Added Roberto, “We went on all these amazing dates, but I always kept it in perspective.”

Both Ali and Roberto unanimously agree Ali’s second choice, 33-year-old Mass.-born landscaper Chris Lambton, should be the next Bachelor.

“I think the obvious choice is Chris. It was a really great group. Kirk was a great guy, Craig was a great guy,” Roberto said.

“I completely agree with Roberto. If Chris chooses to do it, I think it’s his. I just want him to be happy. We wish him the absolute best,” Ali said.

Ali and Roberto say they are thinking about getting married next spring or summer, but don’t expect a lavish celebrity-style wedding — they might save their money and elope! Whatever they choose to do, we support them! Congrats, you two — best of luck!

–Kirstin Benson