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JUST LIKE US! ‘Modern Family’ Mom Of 3 Julie Bowen Confesses — ‘I Have No Balance!’

Mon, August 2, 2010 7:00pm EDT by 1 Comment
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Julie Bowen is so busy juggling her twin babies, three-year-old son, husband and her hit ABC comedy she says she doesn’t even have time to put on makeup in the morning!

Julie Bowen‘s role as the frantic, yet overachieving, wife and mother on ABC’s hit show, Modern Family, has earned her an Emmy nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy — but her character might not be too far off from real life. The 40-year-old actress dished to reporters at the Television Critics’ Association Press tour Aug. 1 about breast feeding, chasing around twin toddlers and losing sleep, all while maintaining a superb career… and she’s so entertaining in real life we wanted to share the entire hysterical conversation with you!

Please tell us how you lost all this weight.

Julie: Vomiting. Laxatives. No — six weeks after the twins were born, eight weeks after the twins were born, I was breast feeding and I don’t know.

Were you dieting? Any certain foods you avoided?

Julie: No, when you have three children under three, you don’t have time for anything. They don’t let you eat. It’s a drag. I’d like to eat more.

How is it balancing the show with your three kids?

Julie: There is no balancing. That’s a joke. I don’t balance. You gotta give up on something and I gave up on sleep. I sound cracked out right now.

Did you take them on set?

Julie: I didn’t last year, I will do that more this year. Last year, they were babies. Now they’re walking. So we’ll see.

What are the challenges of being a mom of twins that you didn’t see coming?

Julie: It’s not that it’s twice as hard, it’s exponentially harder. I didn’t see any of this coming. I didn’t know that one would react to the other, like if one is crying, the other one starts crying. If one wants to be held, the other one wants to be held. It’s horrible. I love them to death. It’s a nightmare.

Have you seen different personalities emerging?

Julie: Yes. Gus is big and bruisy and male and crushing beer cans into his little head. John is standoffish, very intelligent. He’s a little more of a scientist.

Since you don’t sleep, what beauty products are you using to look amazing?

Julie: I use a really expensive makeup artist close to my house that makes me look really pretty, that the network pays for. Not me, because I’m cheap as hell. In my own life? Sunscreen. I’m not kidding. I’m big on sunscreen.

What kind? What SPF?

Julie: Like a thousand SPF…it’s called Elta.

Isn’t it Neutrogena?

Julie: It was. I don’t work for them anymore. If they want me to work with them again, I will wear their product from head to toe.

Are you excited about the Emmys?

Julie: That stuff tends to make me sweat a lot. I’m a little bit nervous.

Nervous about what?

Julie: Have you seen [my castmate] Sofia Vergara? If I were in the Midwest, I could kill it. In Duluth, I would really think I was attractive. But here, everyone is like Barbie and their waists are this big, and their boobs and their hair, and they’re beautiful. I feel like I’m an Oompa Loompa.

Is it easy to do all that glamorous stuff or does it go against your usual personality?

Julie: It’s fun for a night, but in my everyday life, it’s a lot to maintain to be buffed and polished and shined and buffed. You can’t touch anything and you can’t touch your kids.

We see what you’re like at events like this – what are you like at home?

Julie: In running clothes and usually in a bathing suit, but not a cute one. Like, my old maternity suits.

HollywoodLifers, can YOU relate to Julie? How do you balance your careers and your home lives?

–Kirstin Benson