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UNBELIEVABLE! Lindsay Lohan Is Outraged That She Didn’t Have Any Free Time Before Rehab!

Mon, August 2, 2010 7:56pm EDT by 55 Comments


And that’s not all-she’s still in denial that she has a problem!

Even though Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, says her daughter’s is “doing well” and “in good hands,” a source claims the 24-year-old actress is pouting about having to go to rehab.
After all she’s been through, you’d think Lindsay Lohan would be happy to have spent 13 days in jail instead of her scheduled 90 AND about being sent to one of the best rehab facilities in the country, but an insider says the actress has yet to accept her fate.

“Lindsay is very upset that the judge ordered her to go straight to rehab,” the source told People. “[She] is having a difficult time accepting that she will be in rehab for the next three months. She still doesn’t think that she needs any help.”

Seriously?! Even after serving 13 full days in jail, the Mean Girls actress is still in denial. What will it take for her to wake up and smell the roses?

Her mom, Dina Lohan, thinks UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital is just the place for her daughter.

“Lindsay is doing well, and is appreciative of the hundreds of well-wishes she has received,” Dina told RadarOnline. “Lindsay is with the utmost professionals and is in very good hands.”

We think so too. Lindsay will spend 90 days in rehab and then will be under probation for one year. Do YOU think rehab will change the defiant Lindsay Lohan?

–Kirstin Benson