EXCLUSIVE! Young Celebs, Listen Up! Rory Culkin Has Great Advice For Staying Out Of Trouble!

Sun, August 1, 2010 10:30am EST by Add first Comment
Getty Images

Getty Images

Rory Culkin spoke to HollywoodLife.com at the NYC premiere of his new movie Twelve, and revealed how he stays grounded as a young actor. He could teach Lindsay a thing or two!

Has anyone else noticed how young celebs have been doing worse things at younger ages? Whether it’s using drugs, going to rehab, or revealing too much too soon, there are plenty of ways for young celebs to act out when fame to gets to their heads. Thankfully, Rory Culkin, 21, has found his own way to stay out of trouble and stay grounded.

“I stay out of it by not getting involved in that,” he told HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “I mean, I don’t know those people. Just because we’re both actors doesn’t really mean we know each other. We’re in the same club, yeah, but we don’t know each other at all.”

Besides staying out of the wrong crowds, Rory turns to his closest friends and family for support and some tough love.

“They don’t care about this stuff at all, and they can lay on some nice good insults that are essential to keeping one grounded,” he said.

We’re glad that there are at least some young celebrities out there who remain humble and down-to-earth despite their fame and fortune. Let’s hope the rest follow suit! Thanks for the words of wisdom, Rory!

Make sure you check out Twelve when it comes out in theaters Aug. 6!

— Courteney Palis & Chloe Melas

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