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INSIDE REHAB DETAILS! Lindsay Lohan, You Are NOT Going To Love A 10 PM Curfew Or Your Roommate At Morningside Recovery!

Fri, July 30, 2010 9:52pm EDT by 1 Comment


Curfews, budgets and no cell phone use for two weeks! Although it’s a big step up from jail, Lindsay Lohan will still be without her Hollywood luxuries while she’s in rehab for three months!

Even though Lindsay Lohan’s reported court-ordered rehab — Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif. — is WAY better than her jail cell, the 24-year-old starlet is still going to have to put up with a tough crowd, an early curfew and a strict budget for 90 days. Check out what life will be like for Lilo during her stint in a rehab house that’s been described to as “less than glamorous.”

No communication!
–No cell phone for the first two weeks
–Laptops are allowed, but everything else is strictly monitored
–Residents can apply for a pass to leave only after they have been
there for 30 days, and they absolutely can’t leave two weekends in a
–Curfew is 10 p.m. every night and 11 p.m. on the weekend

Tight funds!
–There’s a $75 a week food budget that can only be purchased from the
grocery store across the street
–Residents get $40 twice a week for extra spending
–There’s no personal shopping unless accompanied by a staffer

Forced exercise!
–Each resident has a membership to 24 Hour Fitness
–There are mandatory workouts four days a week

Despite their strict policies, residents CAN put extra money in their budget for things like nails, hair and movie expenses, says the Morningside Recovery website. Additionally, Lindsay is allowed to bring a pet if she so chooses…after all, they say a dog is a girl’s best friend!

Do you think Lindsay’s rehab stint sounds like a walk in the park or a miserable three months?

–Kirstin Benson