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EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Will Be A Horrible Experience For Her And She Might Be With Dangerous People, Says Insider!

Fri, July 30, 2010 4:22pm EDT by 4 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been court-ordered to spend 90 days at the Morningside Recovery rehab facility in Newport Beach, Calif. — but one insider tells that her treatment center is too low-rent for La Lohan!

When Lindsay Lohan leaves her jail cell behind this weekend, she’ll have 24 hours to spend soaking up the LA luxury with her family – and she better enjoy the high life while she can. An addiction expert who’s worked with Lindsay’s alleged new rehab facility, Newport Beach’s Morningside Recovery, AND the Lohan family personally says the place is a terrible fit for her!

“It’s not a nice one. She should have gone to another one,” Los Angeles-based addiction expertMarty Brenner tells “She’s not going to be comfortable there. There’s a whole bunch of people there with different personalities…like multiple personalities. It’s not the place I would have recommended. It’s crowded. I just hope she makes it through there. For her personality, she should have more personal care, more one-on-one attention.”

According to the D.A.’s office, two doctors assessed Lindsay’s mental and physical state to determine which facility would be best for the actress. Regardless of their findings, Brenner still says Lindsay’s not going to react well to the facility. When we pointed out it might be good for her to experience tough love, he balked at the idea.

“This facility DOES work closely with the court, but the clientele is going to be much different than what she’s used to. In order for treatment to work, she needs to respond somewhat positively to what they are trying to do. There are so many other facilities that I think would have been better…I’ll be shocked if she benefits from treatment there.”

Because Morningside works so closely with the court, it’s likely that several of the 12-20 people there  might be criminals, and potentially dangerous, Brenner says.

“They are VERY connected to the court, which means it’s a lot of [people who’ve been in trouble with the law]. Of all the places, I’m SHOCKED they picked this one. It’s nothing glamorous. She’ll be interacting with all these people the whole time. They do group time together,” he explains.

A Morningside Recovery rep was unavailable for comment, but according to the facility’s website, Morningside Recovery is a co-ed treatment center for dually diagnosed patients which “blends traditional medical and psychological therapies, as well as experiential and integrative therapies, with real-world living, return to school or work programs, and family systems recovery.”

The Los Angeles DA’s office declined to comment, and Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was unavailable for comment.

–Kirstin Benson