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Oh-Oh. Jerry O'Connell Is Convinced His Twin Girls Are Crazy!

Fri, July 30, 2010 10:55am EDT by 1 Comment

The star of the upcoming CBS drama The Defenders says he’s glad to be working so he can avoid the girls’ “terrible twos.”

Jerry O’Connell definitely played the good husband when his wife, Rebecca Romijn, was working. He’d stay home with their twin daughters and play Mr. Mom. But he’s pretty pleased to be out of the house now with his new show, The Defenders, because he gets to avoid the twins, who are suffering from a severe case of the “terrible twos.”

“I think my children are worse than the terrible twos,” he told Entertainment Tonight of his daughters Dolly and Charlie, who are just shy of two years old. “They are the horrifically terrible twos. They are just crazy. Everyone says to us, ‘It gets better.’ That is not my experience.”

Jerry described the girls as totally different, “one is really shy, the other is really outgoing,” but despite the fact that neither is really talking all that much yet, he doesn’t expect his wife to bring them to the set for a visit.

“The set is just not a place for kids,” he said. “A. Nobody wants babies around the set. B. They don’t understand the quiet on the set thing. C. They make noise between takes.”

And if they’re as crazy as he says, that probably means a lot of noise!