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LAURA ASKS: Jennifer Aniston, You’re One Of The Most Beautiful People I’ve Ever Seen In Person, So Why Do You Seem So Insecure?

Fri, July 30, 2010 2:33pm EDT by 25 Comments

Jen was fidgeting with her jewelry and playing with her hair so much on the Tonight Show that it made ME nervous just to watch her!

Few people are as fortunate as Jennifer Aniston. She’s got health, wealth, incredible beauty and a great group of friends. Essentially, her life is perfect. So why was Hollywood’s golden girl displaying some deeply insecure behavior on the Tonight Show yesterday?

First, let me set something straight: this is NOT a diss. I am not a Jennifer Aniston hater. I have never called her Maniston, and I think Brad Pitt is a tool and a fool for choosing Angelina Jolie instead. In fact, I love Jen! Maybe she was just having an off day during her interview with Jay Leno July 28, but if not – I kind of get why she can’t seem to keep a boyfriend.

The fact of the matter is, Jen doesn’t seem comfortable with HERSELF. She was constantly fidgeting, touching her gold necklaces or bracelets, jiggling her leg or playing with her hair. She’d pause to take a sip of water, touch her hair, touch her face. She didn’t stop! It made me crazy. I’m no body language expert, but even I know enough to know that The Switch star looked nervous.

When Jay asked her questions, sure, she answered. And yes, she looked gorgeous, and smiled a lot at everything anyone said. She even confided some personal details “I like pizza” and “I’d want to know the guy [if I was artificially inseminated]” – but not enough for me to get a sense of what Jennifer Aniston is really like behind that perfect hair and toothpaste ad smile.

I got an inkling of the person she has had to become because of beatings she takes on a daily basis (Jen is a loser in love, still yearns for Brad! Jen is sad sack, alone forever!); she’s so completely controlled and regimented. When she told Jay she had to run a lap every time she ate a slice of pizza, I really didn’t think she was joking – and it makes me sad for her.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I was truly blown away by Jen’s beauty. She’s even more stunning in person! But what’s the point of looking so perfect if you can’t enjoy – or recognize – how lovely you really are? If you REALLY look in the mirror, Jennifer, you might be surprised at how happy you are by what you see.


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