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Being Green Is Great, Liev Schreiber! But Maybe You've Gone Too Far?

Fri, July 30, 2010 11:54am EDT by Add first Comment

The Salt actor and fiancé of Naomi Watts is making a real effort to be environmentally friendly while raising his two young sons.

Having your younger son wear your older son’s clothes? Oh, sure. Who hasn’t done that? But sharing bath time? Re-rolling unused toilet paper after the kids run trails of it through the house? That’s really being green, and that’s what Liev Schreiber, 42, and Naomi Watts, 41, are doing as they raise their sons, Sasha, 3, and 19-month-old Kai.

“Kai wears Sasha’s clothes,” he told the The Darker Side of Green debate audience on Tuesday night in New York (an event that tackled issues such as global warming and eco-sensibility). Additionally, he told People Moms & Babies, “Bath time’s pretty great — it’s fun to take a bath with your kids. I’d like to get to Sasha to stop turning the cold water on [though]!”

And no, it doesn’t end there. Little kids tend to love the concept of toilet paper, unrolling it and making a complete mess, and the Schreiber boys don’t seem to be any different. “They use a lot of toilet paper,” Liev said with a laugh. “Unfortunately they don’t really use it to go to the bathroom so we have to try to limit that. It’s fun to pull a roll of toilet paper around the house, but if you do, try to roll it back up!”

We know how you feel, Liev! Anything to save the planet!