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Mel Gibson's Unlikely Ally: A Reader & A Victim Of Domestic Violence Who Claims Oksana Is ‘The Woman Who Cried Wolf!’

Fri, July 30, 2010 9:33pm EDT by 23 Comments
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One HollywoodLifer tells me she’s Team Mel! As a victim of domestic abuse herself, she doesn’t think Oksana is telling the truth!

No woman (or man) should ever be harmed by his or her significant other — but one reader has become so fed up with Oksana Grigorieva’s claims that Mel Gibson abused her that she feels the need to speak out on behalf of all victims of domestic violence.

Karen from Ariz. told me she was outraged when she first heard 54-year-old Mel’s taped rants…but now the tables have turned and she’s suspicious of Oksana’s motives.

“I had a son with my second husband, who was an alcoholic, and it was a nightmare. The first time he ever got violent, I left him immediately,” Karen told me July 30. “I didn’t take anything. I wouldn’t have taken an extra second at the risk of putting my son in danger.”

This is what first made Karen realize there were holes in Oksana’s story. “Oksana didn’t say ANYTHING to the cops for six months. If she was really concerned about her children’s safety, why didn’t she report him immediately? She let him all of this solo visits with Lucia until her plan backfired,” Karen said, ranting, “When her treachery is
FINALLY exposed for what it is — she will have brought into question every abused woman. Any woman who’s really been battered (especially before abuse was recognized) must be livid.”

Karen’s opinions about the issue seem backwards. Shouldn’t the abused side with the abused? Isn’t Mel still to blame for saying horrible, nasty abusive things, no matter what Oksana did to provoke him — or is Oksana making a bad case for abused women every where?

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers?


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