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Selena, Showbiz Experts Say You Need To Sex Up Your Image Like Miley & Taylor To Be A Serious Contender In Hollywood!

Tue, July 27, 2010 10:00pm EDT by 111 Comments consulted with a leading agent, manager, producer, director and casting director — and almost all of them agree: sex gives a career longevity in Hollywood!

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen seem to have turned into Hollywood’s terrible twosome overnight. The 17-year-old starlets kiss girls, wear their underwear in public and constantly defy authority. Meanwhile, Disney actress Selena Gomez is every mother’s dream child — she’s wholesome, tactful and talented. Isn’t that the kind of girl who deserves the most success?

Sadly, that’s not the case in Tinseltown. spoke with several A-list showbiz insiders who told us that if Selena keeps image squeaky clean for much longer, she’ll never see the same amount of success as her former Disney counter-part Miley or Gossip Girl starlet Taylor!


Selena seems “boring” next to Miley and Taylor…she doesn’t have the same appeal to older audiences

Holier than thou Selena COULD have a career like Dakota Fanning’s, a sweet-looking girl who lands gritty roles and earns rave reviews for her “real” performances. However, I think that because she got her start at Disney, and, relatively, a little late in the game, she may wind up being type-cast in exclusively pre-teen films. If she landed the young role that would show her to be a Reese Witherspoon-type, she could break free of cheesy movies, but I think that her squeaky clean image won’t do anything but keep her doing irrelevant and forgettable films. — Feature film and TV producer

Miley has the “It” factor…which is something Selena lacks

Miley is a force to be reckoned with. If she applies the same dedication to her work during and after this time of transition, she will keep selling out stadiums and movie theaters. — Feature film director

The bottom line? Sex sells and Hollywood is a business

This “cool kid image” Miley and Taylor are projecting is like gas on the popularity fire. I’d hang out with them! — TV casting director

Being a good girl might not be good for ticket sales, but it certainly helps book jobs! Studios want to know the starlets they cast are trustworthy and dependable

There is definitely a market for the wholesome young starlet, but more than that it shows that she has a good head on her shoulders and is thus likely to take her work more seriously and understand the importance of not wasting the opportunities she has been given. — Director

I think it is important to establish a difference between an on-screen persona and personal lifestyle choices. For Miley, the promiscuous outfits don’t carry over into a hard-partying lifestyle so she can still be on top of her game and make appealing music. But for Taylor, the trashy outfits are only the beginning. It points to choices that will eventually damage her career – if you are out all night partying then you can’t prepare for your meeting with a director at ten o’clock the next morning. — Director

Kirstin Benson