OMG! Lindsay Lohan's Sentence Has Been Slashed AGAIN! She's Now Expected To Get Out Before The End Of July!

Fri, July 23, 2010 7:23pm EST by 11 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

Once again, Lindsay’s 90 day jail sentence has been decreased — assuming she behaves herself in jail!

From 90 days, to 22 days, to 14, to 12, and now, quite possibly, less than 10 days, Lindsay Lohan‘s jail sentence keeps getting reduced! RadarOnline reported today, “Lindsay has had two days shaved off of her sentence. That means the 24-year-old actress will be leaving Lynwood Correctional Facility in late July – even earlier than expected after her 90-day sentence was shortened.” Unbelievable!

Lindsay is serving time for violating her probation related to a 2007 DUI and was sentenced to 90 days in jail by Judge Marsha Revel on July 6.

In an odd twist of events, Lindsay will be in the same jail as Alexis Neiers, who is serving 180 days for stealing from the homes of Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay herself!

How do you feel about Lindsay’s new sentence HollywoodLifers? Is 10 days fitting or should she be serving longer?

Click for more pics of Lindsay’s legal battle.

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Boo Hearne Carroll

Posted at 10:33 PM on July 23, 2010  

The ONLY scenario Ms. Lohan has not been featured in so far–but don’t give up hope. ‘We interupt this program for a news flash. Come in LA.’ ‘Lindsay Lohan is on the roof of Chateau Marmont with a Barrett M107.50 BMG. This time it’s personal! Back to you in NY.’

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Posted at 9:35 PM on July 23, 2010  


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Posted at 8:00 PM on July 21, 2010  

I agree that if it was a noncelebrity they would get no special treatment. Although, 90 days is kind of harsh. She only broke probation. wouldnt it be better if she spent only 30 days in jail, while spending 115-120 days in rehab? Thus her extreme behavor was from her rough childhood while she was growing up.

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Posted at 11:17 AM on July 21, 2010  

Ms. Lohan apparently will get yet another “pass” on negative consequences for her sociopathic behavior and criminal conduct.

The full sentence should be applied, perhaps at hard labor – so she can actually be exposed to real work. Perhaps that would jar her brain a bit – and bring her into a sense of responsible thought and conduct.

Amazing how she is babied – not only by her entourage, but the judicial system. She will learn NOTHING from this experience, except it’s easy for her to do whatever feels good.

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barbara hall

Posted at 12:36 PM on July 21, 2010  

what a break for her and a joke for the rest of us …if it wasnt a celebrity they would get two years i am so sick of people who have money and fame getting out of trouble without even a slap on the wrist this is a joke and no one else would have had a sentence this short…….money is the root of all evil and the sooner the courts see it the better off the rest of the world will be …..

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Posted at 3:24 PM on July 21, 2010  

i am also very annoyed, but experts are saying that for a probation violation, she actually got a hard sentence. whether or not she got an easy sentence back in the beginning- that’s another matter that was not in front of the judge. this was all about violating her parole/probation, whatever the heck it was. lawyers in the know are on record as saying she actually got a harsh sentence in that regard. i don’t know- that’s not my work so i can’t second guess them. in any case, this does make me mad- and if i were paris hilton i’d be very irked (they really made an example of her- she did much less and got much more than lindsay). the only saving grace in all of this is that lindsay will have to serve 90 days in an in-house rehab. i don’t think there is any way she can get any of that cut- whereas, the judge would’ve known that this was going to get cut b/c they do have a real overcrowding problem- and if lindsay is going to be locked up in rehab, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for them to waste space on her. i’d like her to have done the full 90 days b/c i think it would’ve been good for her, but realistically, it didn’t make sense.

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Posted at 5:38 PM on July 21, 2010  

I agree the two duis were awful but the sentence she got violating her probation was ridiculous.
She completed the program but because she failed to attend every week even although she made up the classes.
The sentence was extremely harsh anyway so it is appropriate that it has been dramatically reduced.

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Posted at 11:03 AM on July 21, 2010  

If it was ANYONE of us NON celebrities we would be in for the full duration. This is NOT going to be a lesson for her. She will do something again within 2 years of her release and it will cost her HER life or someone else…
God destroy the judicial system.

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Posted at 11:06 AM on July 21, 2010  

It wont cost her life, it will cost someone else’s life. It’s crap that all these famous people keep getting away with stuff. I mean hell OJ got away with double murder.

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mimi tholsted

Posted at 11:07 AM on July 21, 2010  

There is something wrong in Denmark (shakespierre)…..

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Posted at 8:06 PM on July 23, 2010  

It’s Shakespeare, he was British. Shakespierre was Pepe Le Peu’s uncle…

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