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Levi Johnston, You Keep Promising Bristol Palin That You’re Done With Being A Celebrity — So Why Are You Starring In A Music Video?

Fri, July 23, 2010 10:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Levi Johnston keeps saying he’s going to settle down, get his GED and leave the limelight behind. So why is appearing in Brittani Senser’s new music video?

Levi Johnston, I really want to believe that you’re done with fame for the sake of your son, Tripp, and fiancee, Bristol Palin. She seems to honestly believe that you’re done being a fame whore. So why then, after you’ve said you’d never film a reality show or pose for Playboy again, are you appearing in a music video? You clearly don’t want your fifteen minutes to end!

Your next gig is to play R&B-pop artist Brittani Senser’s love interest in her upcoming music video, “After Love.” OK, so the role does seem pretty perfect for you (I will grudgingly admit) – an unhappy mom attempts to thwart a young couple’s love. Echoes of Grizzly Mom Sarah Palin, anyone? Ahem.

Just like the mother in Brittani’s video, Sarah seems to have called you just right, Levi. You clearly don’t want the simple life in Alaska that you’ve promised Bristol. Los Angeles – where you’re filming the video next month – seems right up your alley these days. Why get a GED when fame and fortune are knocking at your door?

Whatever path you decide to take, I’m begging you – don’t break your baby mama’s heart again. She’s gone through enough, and honestly believes your BS. Don’t piss off mama bear, mister Johnston – you won’t want to see what happens if you threaten her cub again, you betcha.


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