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Bonnie Says: I Want To Be One Of Kate Gosselin’s Kids!

Fri, July 23, 2010 12:16pm EDT by 57 Comments, Getty Images

Stop, stop the bad mom attacks on poor Kate Gosselin.

There are far worse mothers in America, I can assure you than the infamous mom of eight.

If you want to get all worked up about negligent mothers then I can direct you to the pages of The New York Post, for any number of examples of mothers, who go shopping and leave their babies alone or worse allow their boyfriends or baby daddies to beat their little ones. Save your rage for them.

And when it comes to celebrity mothers, I’m fine with you finger pointing at Dina Lohan, who should take big blame for her hot mess of a daughter Lindsay.

But leave Kate alone! I have no problem with her turning her adorable eight into TV stars — in fact, I want to be one of her brood.

I want to go camping with Kate and Sarah Palin in Alaska. How fun would that be?. Alaska is gorgeous, you can bet the Gosselins are going to get the best camp site, the best tents and the best cookout in the state.

And who wouldn’t want to play with Willow, Piper and baby Trig.

But that would have only been my latest adventure as one of Kate’s kids this summer. I would have escaped my home in Pennsylvania for Discovery Cove animal park in Orlando, hung out in the super posh Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in LA while my mommy was on Dancing With The Stars, and had lunch in NYC’s Chinatown.

Furthermore, I’d have the cutest outfits to wear at all times, my own personal bodyguard/piggyback provider, TV production assistants willing to fetch me anything I needed and I’d be banking a paycheck.

Who wants to grow up and THEN be starting with a bank account of zero. Kate’s kids will get a step up in life — with money they’ve already made, when they turn 21.

If I were one of Kate’s kids I’d say thanks mom, for giving me an ultra exciting childhood, adventures and experiences I never would have had as the daughter of the average nurse, and for setting me up with some financial freedom, so that I could pursue the career or passions I wanted , instead of having to scramble for dollars when I was a young adult!

So back off Kate bashers and admit it — wouldn’t you like to go camping in Alaska this weekend, for free, and with your mom and the Mama Grizzly herself?

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–Bonnie Fuller

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