Oksana Claims She Doesn’t Want Mel Gibson’s Money! Do YOU Believe Her?

Thu, July 22, 2010 9:00pm EST by 8 Comments
BauerGriffin.com, SplashNews.com

BauerGriffin.com, SplashNews.com

Mel’s baby mama says she’s not looking for a big settlement and that she’s only fighting for the safety of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia!

Mel Gibson allegedly offered ex-GF Oksana Grigorieva a whopping $15-million to prevent her from releasing the verbally abusive rants she caught on tape, but Oksana says she doesn’t care about the money and only wants their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia, to be safe.

“Just my child. I’m fighting for the life of my child,” the 40-year-old Russian pianist responded July 22 when TMZ asked what she really wanted from the situation with Mel.

Sources say that when Mel, 54, offered Oksana a large settlement, she refused to sign it because it “included a clause which gave Mel unsupervised visitation.” They went on to tell TMZ the protective mother would refuse “any amount of money” to keep Mel away from Lucia, whom she alleges he harmed.

However, Mel’s camp alleges that Oksana tried to extort the Hollywood heavyweight and, when he refused to pay, leaked the tapes onto the Internet. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating Mel on charges of domestic violence, gun possession and child endangerment; they are also investigating Oksana on charges of

–Kirstin Benson

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Posted at 3:12 PM on July 23, 2010  

I believe her. Im sure she wants what is right. He is responsible for providing for his daughter and his daughters well being.
Mel Gibson needs to be exposed anyways.

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Posted at 9:24 AM on July 23, 2010  

I don’t care if she’s a gold digger or not because there is NO excuse to scream that you want to take a “f#*king baseball bat to your head” and “bury you in the rose garden”.. And he all but admitted to hitting her while their baby was in her mother’s arms.

I’m glad she taped his crazy threats, otherwise she may one day end up like Nicole Brown Simpson, with a severed head, buried 12 feet under!

And to whoever it was that compared his anti-semitic vomit to Joan Rivers’ jokes, give me a break. First off, she is a Jew herself and secondly, she’s a comedian.

Mel Gibson has a serious problem and he doesn’t deserve anyone’s admiration. He’s done this too many times to chalk it up to a one-time provacation. He needs serious help and I hope he gets it before he goes too far and kills someone.

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Posted at 2:45 AM on July 23, 2010  

Do I believe this Russian Gold Digger? NO.
1) We all know she is a pro at producing and editing tapes (Thats what she DID for a LIVING PEOPLE)
2) SHE said she did not release the tapes … WE ALL KNOW THATS A LIE, so she LIES.
3) Even if the tapes arent edited it is ILLEGAL TO TAPE A PERSON IN CA WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESS PERMISSION. So she is a CRIMINAL.
4) She, like other GOLD DIGGERS, has gone from man to RICHER man to get a bigger payoff. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY.
5) When she went to her dentist, the day after she claimed Mel punched her in the face and broke her teeth and bruised her her veneers were intact and there were no bruises (she claims makeup covered it but you cant cover missing teeth/veneers) She, in court has been PROVEN to be a LIAR.
6) Mel didnt hit his almost ex-wife nor his children and there ARE NO records of him HITTING ANYONE EVER.
7) We all know Mel is a drunk but EVERYONE reports he is a funny although VERY biggotted one. Other than this low life NO ONE has ever reported him as being anything but a gentle almost timid and wimpy, mild and funny, although very prejudice, DRUNK. (Ive never seen anyone go from decades of nice drunk to mean drunk (unless they are in dimenshia or altzheimers which isnt the case here) … and neither have you) EVEN when arrested the cops said he was cooperative … and his anti-semetic comments could be taken 2 ways .. as racist or as a joke by a drunk that thinks its a joke but the joke falls flat due to them being DRUNK … if you have ever heard Joan Rivers, or ANY jewish comedian … they say the same dumb (and racist by a non-jew)comments.
8)If she didnt want Mel to marry her, ALL she EVER had to do was WALK OUT and go to a battered womans shelter. There are all kinds of them in LA. .. YES I SAID MARRY … Dalton wouldnt and neither would Mel and shes 40. She couldnt get REAL ALIMONY BECAUSE SHE IS A SL*T, so she had to concoct a story. You get MORE MONEY and ASSETS if you have FULL CUSTODY … EVERYONE knows that.
I have met Mel 3 times and he was nice, kind, and although EVERYONE knew/should have guessed he was a womanizer … DUH … he was pretty shy … nice funny but someone had to approach him … he was the OPPOSITE of agressive … I thought Hero on screen, Pu**y wimp in real life, yet I can hear him telling her to bl*w him but it was HIGHLY EDITED and out of context … He would have said it but more as a joke …
WHEN the dust settles, this tramp will GO TO JAIL for attempted extortion and will be deported with ZERO custody and no money BECAUSE SHE IS LYING. Does this make Mel a great guy … NO … but of the two hes the better human and better parent.

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Posted at 9:31 AM on July 23, 2010  

His ex-wife says he never hit her, so? Notice she didn’t say anything about mentally abusing her by calling her disgusting names or threatening to kill her!

And yes, he’s adrunk, but a “funny drunk”? Seriously? What is funny about what he says when he’s drunk?

I don’t understand why people like you are so quick to make excuses for him by trying to somehow trash his victim. I wonder how you’d feel if you were involved in a minor fender-bender with Mel Gibson? He’s rip you a new a-hole and may even get physical.

When someone gets drunk, it loosens their inhibitions and their true personalities come out.

I love his acting and movies and I don’t want him to go to jail or anything like that, but I surely hope he gets some help, because he is clearly unhappy and I would hate for him to hurt someone and ending up like O.J. Simpson.

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Posted at 2:37 AM on July 23, 2010  

I believe her, cause he offered her 15 million dollars, she refused!I feel bad for the child!

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I believe her

Posted at 1:32 AM on July 23, 2010  

I completely believe her…..I think he’s got the whole county in his pocket and she doesn’t have a lot of options. Just based on the way he talked to her on those tapes should be evidence enough he’s not fit to be around a child. If he still is, there’s is something really wrong.

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Posted at 11:55 PM on July 22, 2010  

After the tapes and texts, can’t stand Mel.

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Posted at 10:29 PM on July 22, 2010  

How many more pictures of Mel Gibson’s ugly-insane-old-head are going to hit the ‘front page’ here????????
We do know what he looks like….and he’s not one of America’s most wanted at this point !!!

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