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Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Spend Even Less Time In Jail & That Is Just WRONG!

Thu, July 22, 2010 6:05pm EDT by 6 Comments

Lindsay’s time in the slammer has already been slashed from 90 to 12 days and now might be reduced even further – and I think it’s ridiculous that she’s getting off so easy!

Apparently you can get a DUI, chase people in your car, laugh in the face of the law, ditch court dates AND non-verbally tell a judge (the one who’s deciding your fate, mind) to eff off – if you’re Lindsay Lohan, that is.

Yup, the hard-partying starlet has gotten off easy once again after blatantly breaking all the rules; her expected jail sentence of three months has been cut to a paltry 12 days and she is expected to be freed from the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, Calif. even earlier than August 2, reports RadarOnline. What a joke!

What the 24-year-old actress needs is some tough love. Despite all this BS about being released early for over-crowding issues,
I think she needs to spend her full sentence in the slammer. She’s a hot mess who never turns down a chance to party – and the worst part is, she’s only hurting herself!

Spending every single night in a club doesn’t make you an asset to society, it makes you vapid and tedious, Lindsay. It certainly isn’t helping your career! You haven’t made a decent movie since Mean Girls circa 2004. Going full-frontal and playing a porn star (Deep Throat’s XXX actress Linda Lovelace in Inferno) for your ‘comeback’ role – well, that’s just another poor decision, and one of many you’ve made over the past few years.

What you REALLY need is a reality check and to know that you won’t always be so lucky and that things won’t always go your way. You’ve misbehaved and you should have to suffer the consequences for once.

You can’t beat the system forever…


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