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Kendra Wilkinson Says She’s Taking A Break From Dieting — We Should All Be So Brave!

Thu, July 22, 2010 2:00pm EDT by 17 Comments

Although Kendra has struggled with her weight since giving birth to son Hank Baskett IV in December, she’s officially ready to ditch her diet and enjoy her life! I’m impressed!

How’s this for a liberating thought? Despite gaining 55 lbs. of baby weight since last December (and only losing half of it), Kendra Wilkinson has had it with watching what she eats. The reality starlet has realized that the fork is her friend – not her foe – and is ready to give up dieting completely!

“It’s so hard, because I was on this book tour, and…doing a book tour, you’re all over the country and you have to catch flights and everything. So I actually took a break from my diet. I’m on my gaining weight part now,” the 25-year-old E! star said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show July 20.

You go, girl (Yeah, I said it)! Why don’t more women take a page out of Kendra’s book? What are we all so afraid of? We’ve been made to believe that thin is in, that we’re unlovable if we gain weight. Guess what? The world won’t stop if we eat a cookie, or a box of macaroni ‘n cheese in one sitting, or even eat half a carton of Ben & Jerry’s without even tasting it.

And a celebrity who actively isn’t trying to be a pin-thin stick insect is nothing short of amazing. Kendra is living proof that you can really start living when you aren’t constantly attempting to whittle your waist to a size 22. You can have your cake (so to speak) and eat it, too.

Kendra is currently trying for baby #2, and from the sound of it, hubby Hank Baskett doesn’t mind her curvier shape AT ALL. In fact, it sounds like he’s pretty damn near obsessed with her fuller figure, given how much fun the two seem to be having practicing for baby girl Baskett.

Let Kendra be an example to us all!


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