Breaking News! Mel Gibson Threatened To Murder Oksana, Their Daughter, Her Son & Himself During Brawl.

Tue, July 20, 2010 9:06am EST by 11 Comments,,

Oksana tells authorities she was punched and choked by Mel during their January dispute just as newly released tapes have Mel admitting to hitting his newborn daughter.

The latest news in the Mel Gibson saga is perhaps the most harrowing as Oksana Grigorieva has told authorities Mel said he would kill her, himself, and their own daughter Lucia. Radar Online reports that after Mel punched her, “Oksana finally was freed from Mel’s grip and jumped up to leave but she says Mel then pulled a gun from the pocket of his short, pointed it at her head and threatened to kill her, Lucia and Sascha (Oksana’s son with Timothy Dalton), as well as himself, in an apparent murder-suicide plot.”

Oksana was attending her son’s basketball game and left Lucia with a nanny, causing Mel’s rage. When she returned home he punched her twice and the head and choked her as she was holding Lucia and her son watched on. Her son has been interviewed by child protective services and is a crucial witness in the case.

In a recorded conversation following the brawl Oksana tells Mel he needs help after hitting her and their daughter to which he replies, “ You need a f*cking kick up the a** for being a b*tch, c*nt, gold digging whore! With a p*ssy son! And I want my child, and no one will believe you! So f*ck you!”

This latest tape is the most damning for Mel as he seemingly admits to hitting his daughter.

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Mel Sucks

Posted at 8:45 PM on July 20, 2010  

I’m shocked how many people are supporting Mel. Of course it’s his voice, if it wasn’t his lawyers would be threatening law suits, their silence tells the story. I don’t care if this women is a gold digger, no one deserves the abuse, no one deserves to live in fear. This man has serious problems, he sounds insane. The one thing Mel is right about… no one would have believed her if she didn’t have these tapes. Smart girl!

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Posted at 9:02 PM on July 20, 2010  

Um.. Mel Sucks… you lived with him? You were there? You have any idea how easy it is to “make a tape”? Of a famous actor’s voice that’s plastered all over the internet? I could make Billy Graham or the Pope sound like they’re threatening someone. You DO realize this is a gossip site? Not a news site?

Sure, if it comes out the so-called “tapes” are real, yeah, call me wrong and slap me into next week.

But you’ve convicted him, already, before the law has, based on… what again? Oh yeah. The National Enquirer said so.

Innocent, before proven guilty. So far the only thing proven is that she is capable of escalating her attempt at slandering him before the media. And how, if she’s such a good mother, is this protecting and productive to the welfare of her child?

Do we REALLY need to know all this in what was supposed to be a PRIVATE SEALED MATTER between her and the courts?

If she’s leaking all this to the NE, and the tapes are supposed to be sealed, why bother sealing them? Why bother with the court?

And how is this going to benefit her and the child? By making him out to be a raving lunatic, she’s destroying the fan base, that pays his salary. Look at all the believers already. How’s he supposed to pay her gobs of money to live off for the rest of her life, if he can’t make a dime at the box office, cause she’s made people believe he’s a child beating racist thug, who’s also now an attempted murderer?

Even if he IS that kind of person, wouldn’t most people with a shred of dignity and common sense, keep quiet and let the courts be the one to “prove” his guilt or innocence?

The more she talks, the less I believe.

And to be honest, some of the lines released from the tape, can be traced right back to some of his “Lethal Weapon” lines… with a few words thrown in he didn’t use, but can be duplicated… not to mention the part about being suicidal.. which his character was in the first one.

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just my opinion

Posted at 7:20 PM on July 20, 2010  

How does this manage to keep getting worse?? I mean the SAME story, gets newer and gorier details every time she talks about it? Isn’t that usually referred to as “changing your story”?? And why, seen as mel never once actually admitted to doing ANYTHING on the tapes and he has yet to say anything yet about it until the tapes have even proven real, Does everyone believe every new thing SHE says happened? Why don’t you “journalists” leave the finding of guilt to the people who are actually trained to do so, the LAW.

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Posted at 8:52 PM on July 20, 2010  

You are correct, “just my opinion”. And the last that was heard from the law, was from a judge, who heard the tapes, and granted him custody. He won that. But the media outlets that are reporting the accusations from his ex, that have had the joy of “hits to their site” and watchers tuning in, say it’s only because his ex spoke up. Which is actually calling into question the intellignece of the judge. No no, can’t do thaaat. That’ll kill the story! No lets say it’s his ex, and that the judge is an idiot and expect a cover up. No one bothers to take into consideration, Mr. Gibson, his attorney and the judge, all doubt the authenticity of the tapes. And they are wisely not saying anything, because sites like this one, even if he said something intelligent, would be twisted to make him look bad. Nor are they reporting Mr. Gibson’s exoneration, by winning custody rights. They seemed to have someone managed to overlook that important verdict, in their up to the minute slander of him. This is a gossip site, and should be taken as such, because that’s all that’s being “reported”. Let’s not let facts get in the way that make him look good. Good is boring. More accusations. We’re up to murder-suicide. How far will this go? What’s to be the next accusation? How can you top that one?… bet me, there is another one coming in the morning news.

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Posted at 4:54 PM on July 20, 2010  

Radar online is the National Enquirer’s website. What’s the saddest thing is the fact people believe what they’re publishing. Doesn’t anyone find it strange that the accusations have gone beyond what even a daytime soap opera writer would never even think to put in a storyline? It has graduated, with each report, in vile anti-socially accepted behavior. And into the realm of unbelieveable. I have not been surprised to see her accusations escalate. It went from an agreed custody, to now we’re at murder-suicide? Seriously? I think those that believe this have lost their mind, and grip on reality, more so than Mr. Gibson has.

I can make any actor, who’s voice is all over the internet, with just the most basic of apps, say the same things he’s accused of saying.

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pam h

Posted at 11:56 AM on July 20, 2010  

I have followed Mil Gibson for many years, and he has always never disappointed me. Also, from what I know, he was married for many years and had a very nice family, which he did try to keep away from the public. I don’t know what happened when he decided to separate from his wife, but I am sure it was something that didn’t happen overnight. I can imagine what the media wants to do to Mel, (all about money) but I also know what they project and what the truth is, is so different from reality. I for one, support Mel – I think the media should take a vacation.

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Posted at 3:19 PM on July 20, 2010  

@Pam. Men don’t just start beating up on a new woman. He must likely did the same to his ex-wife. They are in divorce court right now and his wife wants to protect her children’s money so she is supporting Mel. Just wait until the divorce is finalized. His ex-wife will write a book talking about the real Mel (if she doesn’t sign a gag order in the divorce) and how abusive he has always been. Even if he stops his ex-wife from talking, his other children will one day grow up and talk about their abusive Dad. You are in denial.

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mimi tholsted

Posted at 10:57 AM on July 20, 2010  

OH no oh no oh no…how far out can M G go in his rage….he needs more than help, he needs to be locked up for good, the baby was 2 month old????….oh no it has to stop with men like that!!!!!!

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Posted at 9:08 AM on July 21, 2010  

Are u all blind…this is all GOSSIP till proven guilty…why did this woman wait so long to publish these tapes..she never felt threaten..if my husband would just closely unleash his anger on me I would not wait month before disclose that..WTF…this looks really fishy to me and all you people judging Mel..who is a real Idiot…what about her ..getting into a man’s life who as 8? children with his wife..I don’t trust her

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Posted at 9:49 AM on July 20, 2010  

What a disgusting character. what a disgusting man. I can’t even give him more excuse now. ewww…

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Posted at 11:18 AM on July 20, 2010  

there’s no excuse for mel’s vile behavior. his ex wife was given a very big money to support mel. the incident with oksana is not isolated. he probably abused his ex wife, ex lovers (oksana, polish lover). he has to be stopped! oksana refused $15M because she wanted the world to see the truth about the hollywood superstar MEL GIBSON.

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