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Unbelievable. Mel Gibson Acknowledges Hitting Newborn Daughter In New Tape — Is He At The Point Of No Return?

Tue, July 20, 2010 10:56am EDT by 38 Comments


Mel proves himself to be more monstrous than ever in a just released tape where he tells Oksana no one will believe her claims he hit his daughter.

It is now becoming more and more clear why Oksana Grigorieva is fighting so hard to prevent Mel Gibson from gaining custody of their child — he acknowledges hitting her in new tapes! In a just released tape on Radar Online Mel lets loose a tirade of curses when Oksana brings up the incident saying, “You need a f*cking kick up the a** for being a b*tch, c*nt, gold digging whore! With a p*ssy son! And I want my child, and no one will believe you! So f*ck you!”

This tape has been released just as reports show Oksana told authorities Mel threatened to kill her, their daughter, her son, and himself in a murder-suicide plot during their January fight. She had previously been offered $15 million to keep all these reports confidential, but ultimately turned it down.

Should this truly shocking report prove to be true what are your thoughts? Has this FINALLY pushed you to the edge and ended any sort of respect or admiration, however little, you still had for Mel as an actor?