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What Lindsay Lohan's New Life At The Lynwood Correctional Facility Will Be Like!

Tue, July 20, 2010 1:00pm EDT by Chloe Melas 18 Comments


Life in Lynwood won’t be easy for LiLo: No cellphones, no Twitter, no cigarettes. The good news? She’ll get an hour of sunshine a day!

Wondering what prison is going to be like for Lindsay spoke with sources in the know who revealed to us exactly what life will be like for Lindsay at Century Regional Detention Facility, an all-female jail in downtown LA. Keep in mind Lindsay spent 84-minutes back in 2007 at the same facility. But now she’s back to her old stomping grounds where she’ll spend 2,160 minutes, quite a bit longer than her first time around.

Lindsay will be in her own cell: “That’s for security only. You may recall when OJ Simpson was on trial, he was housed seperately. It’s not necessarily that she’ll get better treatment, but it’s just so that she’s safe,” says Steve Cron, an LA based criminal attorney.

She will spend almost her entire day in her cell: Lindsay will maybe get an hour outside — we’re talking about inside the jail confines surrounded by cement walls and barbed wire and a little bit of sun.

Lindsay’s bathroom is in her cell: Just like jail cells you see in the movies. Yes, there are bars, and they have sliding bar gates for each cell. She gets a cot with a metal toilet and a sink.

She can read most books and even scripts in jail: You can read anything that comes directly from a publisher.

No internet or cellphones allowed: “She will not have a smart phone. She will not have a computer,” says Steve. “She has no access to the Internet. Jail is not a place where you get all your toys. She will not have a phone. She will be given a certain number of hours a day where she can use the phone and call collect only.”

She can’t take meds unless prescribed: The jail doctors will make a decision about what she needs. If somebody normally takes Xanax for agitation, jail doctors may decide it’s not necessary.

Her parents can only visit two days a week: They have visiting days for non-lawyers twice a week. She can get legal visits at most hours of the day.

There’s no exercise room: “She’s probably going to be doing everything by herself,” says Steve. “They have weights. They don’t have stair masters or anything running on electricity.”

But she CAN exercise – three times a week!

Lindsay will have a job in jail:“She’ll have chores and she’ll have things she has to do like cleaning things.

She can’t smoke or sleep all day: “It’s a non-smoking facility.” says Steve. “They don’t let inmates sleep all day long.”

There’s a store where she can buy basic items: Inmates are allowed to use money to buy things like toothpaste and candy bars.

Her diet is ROUGH: She’ll get two cold meals and one hot meal every day.

-Chloe Melas, reporting by Kirstin Benson

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